The Summer Concert Series Presents: Tall Walker 142 words · 1 minute read

Despite the gloomy day, a buzzing crowd gathered within and around the John Hancock Center Plaza as Tall Walker and North by North completed their sound checks last Thursday. At 5pm, Tall Walker kicked off the show with a bang, electrifying the stage and the audience.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade – a steady drizzle forced us to wrap up the concert soon after it began, much to the dismay of Music Dealers and the surrounding spectators. Lucky for us, the gentlemen of Tall Walker were nice enough to stick around and play a short set indoors!

Get to know the bands better by listening to their interviews below. While North by North sadly didn’t get the chance to perform, you can watch a song from Tall Walker’s set:

Tall Walker's Live Set

By: Alex Holder, Music Dealers