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Get To Know The Deal Board: Submitting To Open Opportunities

The Deal Board was created to give our Artist Community a chance to be more involved in our projects. We know we have the most talented artist community out there so why not allow you to submit to opportunities that your sound fits to? Nobody knows your music better than you do, right?

Below are some steps to submit to open deals on the Deal Board.

First, visit the Deal Board and click “login” in the top right.

Login using your login. If you do not have a Music Dealers login, please apply for an account here: When we have open opportunities open, we will be checking applications every few hours and sending login info so no worries about missing a deadline – this process will be sped up, too.

Once you are logged in, you will be directed to your Dashboard. Click “Opportunities” from the top navigation bar and it will take you to all of the custom music and event opportunities open for submission.

Once on the Opportunities page, you will be able to see open opportunities and filter them by opportunity type. We currently offer custom music and live performance opportunities. Find the opportunity that you want to learn more about and click the “View Opp” button to the right to enter the Opportunity Details page.

In the opportunity details page, there will be a lot of information for you to review before submitting. It is very important to make sure you songs fits all the requirements before submitting.

*IMPORTANT: Please do not submit if your song does not fit what is being requested.

On the Opportunities Details page, you will be able to see the following info:

  • Title Name

    • Client Name or Industry Type (sometimes the client will be hidden)

    • Close Date

    • Client Brief

    • License Type (Buyout, Exclusive, Non-Exclusive License, etc.)

    • Custom Opportunity Demo Agreement

    • Discuss (see questions asked by artists answered by our Artist Services & Creative teams)

To submit, click the “Submit To This Opp” in the top right of the page.

From the submission page, please select which artist you would like to submit as. All the artists you represent under your Music Dealers login will be included in the drop down menu.

Once you select a band/artist, you will see their pic pop up along with two options: Submit Existing Tracks or Upload New Tracks.

*NOTE: For Catalog Needs and Live Performance opportunities, you will only be able to submit songs that live on your Music Dealers profile. You will not be able to upload new songs via the Deal Board for those types of opps.

1. Submit An Existing Song To The Opportunity

If you want to submit a song that you’ve already uploaded to your Music Dealers profile, then select Submit An Existing Song and follow the below steps.

*IMPORTANT: Before submitting existing songs to opportunities, please note the opportunity type. If it is a buyout, a custom song may be much more ideal. If a client is seeking a buyout, they are seeking exclusive ownership to the song; therefore, by submitting an existing track, those master rights would transfer and you could no longer use your song elsewhere without the clients permission.

Step 1: Click “Use Existing from Music Dealers”

Step 2: Select a song you would like to submit from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Verify that the PRO info is 100% correct

*Important: If your PRO information is NOT correct, please login in to your Music Dealers profile on and correct it. If your song is licensed, this is the information we will use.

Step 4: Click “Save Track” and your song will be submitted.

2. Upload A New Song For The Opportunity

If you want to submit a new song for an opportunity, then select Upload New and follow the below steps. Note that this new track will only be submitted to the opportunity under the selected band/artist name and will NOT be uploaded to your Music Dealers profile.

Step 1: Click “Upload New”

Step 2: Enter in the song title, select the file (320kb MP3 format) and enter in the correct PRO information for ALL writers and publishers associated with the song.

Step 3: Click “Save Track” and your song will be saved. Another button will pop up under it called “Submit To This Custom Gig” – click that and your song will be submitted to the opportunity.

You can verify your submission went through by clicking the “Submissions” tab in the navigation bar on the top of the page or from your Dashboard.

Please contact with any questions that are not answered on the Deal Board FAQ.