Introducing The New, Improved Music Dealers Deal Board! 638 words · 3 minute read

Introducing The New, Improved Music Dealers Deal Board!

A New Way To Connect Artists To Clients

Our new Deal Board connects the best Artist Community in the world to our clients more easily than ever. We’re some of your biggest fans and we love working one-on-one with you. So, we built the Deal Board to involve you more closely with the opportunities that we receive daily.

Our new Deal Board empowers you with the ability to submit music for upcoming opportunities directly. Nobody knows your music better than you do, so who better to pitch for performance and custom music opportunities than you?

A New Way Of Prioritizing Content & Your Personal Artist Rating

The new Deal Board features an internal rating system that is managed by our creative teams while they personally review each submission. Every submission is rated on a star system, from 0 to 5, the scores for which are determined by how closely the submission matches the needs of the brief. Those ratings are averaged to result in an overall score, which tell us how closely you’re able to match your music to creative briefs.

Example: If we have an opportunity that calls for “Vocal Pop Rock” and Artist X submits a Dubstep instrumental, they will be rated 0 stars (for obvious reasons). After time, this rating will determine where your submission will show up in the queue so the next time Artist X submits to an opportunity, their submission would go to the bottom of the submission queue. Meanwhile, all of the artists who submitted on brief would receive 5 stars, so their future submissions would appear at the top of the queue.

This is how we prioritize content and satisfy our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. This also encourages artists to pay more attention to what is requested before submitting songs.

Types Of Opportunities Featured On The Deal Board

“Music Creation” opportunities are briefs submitted by our clients for an open opportunity. All of the information we have been given by the client will be posted to ensure that you have everything that you need to put together the best submission for the opportunity.

You can either create new music for the opp or submit something that you’ve already recorded – just make sure it fits the brief as closely as possible. If it doesn’t fit, please don’t submit!

One of our newest offerings at Music Dealers is sourcing artists for live activations. Whether it’s performing at the Olympics or DJ sets for FIFA World Cup, we have artists ready to go perform live.

If you’re considering submitting your music for a Live Performance Opportunity, please make sure you will be available on the date of the event before you press submit.

The most frequently asked question that hits the inboxes of our Artist Services team is, “What types of music are you in need of?” Because this message circulates so often, we wanted to add a feature that informs our Artist Community quickly what genres, styles, and types of music we need most. Whenever you see a Catalog Need opportunity appear on your Deal Board, that means we’ve been receiving requests from clients for music that we don’t currently have enough of or want some fresh new options to submit.

With the Catalog Needs feature, we can work directly with you to continue to build the highest quality catalog of music that suits the needs of all of clients. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Get To Know The Deal Board: Submitting To Opportunities

Check out our FAQ blog post for step-by-step instructions to submit your songs to opportunities.

If you have any questions about the Deal Board that are not on our FAQ, please email and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Let’s get started…