The Summer Concert Series Presents: The Lulabelles and The Ivorys 180 words · 1 minute read

A wave of hoodies, sweatshirts, and flannels surrounded The John Hancock Center Plaza on the breezy Thursday, August 20 for the weekly Summer Concert Series to watch two emerging Chicago actsThe Lulabelles and The Ivorys.

The Lulabelles launched the event with their 5pm set, during which a steady breeze complemented their organic instrumentation. With tambourine, fiddle, bass and more, the five-piece band create music as a free-flowing form of expression and connected with the audience’s hearts through their music.. The Lulabelles closed their set with the song, “Between The Cracks,” one of five songs off their latest EP, Stories.


Check out the live set:

The Ivorys charged their 6pm set with adrenaline, grit, and rock & roll vigor. The power trio harmonized on rhythm, vocals, and even energy, capturing the ears and attention of the surrounding crowd at The John Hancock Center. The Ivorys closed their set with the hit single, “She Needs the Money,” a contemporary jam with an echo of a classic anthem.

See the live set:

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