Music Dealers 2015/2016 Holiday and Hallmark Day Playlists 330 words · 2 minute read

Ugly ties for dad, Aunt Mildred’s jello mold, precious time spent with evil in-laws, awkward New Year’s toasts! Yes, they’re all coming for us, once again! There is one ray of hope, one unfailing beacon of optimism: you will have music, and thy music shall be outstanding! 

Click the big buttons below for playlists full of Holiday and Hallmark day sonic goodness. Click the links to be whisked away to our search platform for pre-populated Holiday search terms. Dig in!

It’s that special time of year when Music Dealers answers that eternal, bewildering question, “What the hell does Thanksgiving sound like?” We’ve answered it so many times, we’re getting pretty good. Make your content sing with cozy themes of home and belonging. Eat up:

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There’s a Music Dealers stocking hanging off the bar in our office and its got your name on it. What did we drop in it? Music! And one of those airplane shots of Jameson. If you want your whiskey, you’ll have to come party with us. But the music you can enjoy now. Ho Ho Holy crap, that’s some damn good holiday music: 

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2016, is that you, looming over us with your dropping balls and your sparkling fireworks and your intimidating pressure of being a better human? 2016, why can’t you just love us the way that we are! Nonetheless, celebration is upon us; how about some party anthems with themes of new beginnings? Click below to get yours.

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More important than the sound of bones crunching or helmets smashing violently into each other is the sound of good music supporting your “Big Game” content. Whether you’re creating a massive Big Game campaign, or you need a little something anthemic and sporty for your football-themed presentation, we’ve got you covered like a cornerback. wink wink

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Stay tuned, we’ll update this page once more holidays come speeding around the corner!

By: Christopher Rucks, Music Dealers