The Summer Concert Series Presents: North by North and Jamie Lono 173 words · 1 minute read

The Summer Concert Series presented by HEARN and Music Dealers continued on August 27 at The John Hancock Center Plaza, featuring rising Chicago artists North by North and Jamie Lono & Noble Heart.

North by North leapt into an energetic set at 5pm, evoking a power that normally three-piece bands rarely generate on their own. Their psych-indie-rock fusion ensured every song was a different experience for the crowd, and guitarist Nate and keyboardist Kendra responded to the reverberations of each other’s performance with even greater zeal.

North by North’s Live Set

Jamie Lono’s first set began in the early morning on Thursday, as he performed live and discussed the Summer Concert Series on The WCIU Chicago news show, You & Me This Morning. Roughly twelve hours later, the singer/songwriter joined his bandmates as Jamie Lono & Noble Heart to serenade the Mag Mile with their rich acoustic pop.


Jamie Lono’s live set:

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