Music Dealers Earns Its Wings: LIA Recognizes Music Dealers on Original Music for Airbnb 506 words · 3 minute read

We don’t often host winged women in our offices, but when we do, we think it’s worth noting on.

This November, we were honored by the creative pioneers at the London International Awards (LIA) with a Bronze award in the Music Original – Underscore category for our collaboration with Airbnb on their project, “Wall and Chain: A Story of Breaking Down Walls.”

As the world recognized the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Airbnb contributed to the global celebration with this moving video, the music of which helps communicate this uniquely inspiring campaign. A tale only possible through Airbnb, the story of Jörg¸ Cathrine, and Kai captivates viewers as they demonstrate the liberties that “belonging anywhere” affords. Throughout the video, the custom song “Petit Oiseau” narrates their journey with an artfully composed melody that also perfectly embodies Airbnb’s sonic identity.

Behind this single statuette, there are a host of creative individuals who have worked to keep her wings aloft with their stellar storytelling skills, including Jonathan Mildenhall, Ian Rowe, Peter Giorgi, Willow Hill, and the rest of the Airbnb team; VCCP Berlin and PSYOP New York; composers and performers Nick Seeley and Daniel Hart; and music supervisors Josh Burke and Tim Lincoln from Music Dealers.

For our part, Music Dealers collaborated with the creative teams to determine the film’s music needs and support the emotions of the story. From there, we reached out to Nick Seeley, a composer and member of the Music Dealers artist community whose skill we knew reflected the needs of the client’s brief. Nick and Daniel crafted “Petit Oiseau” for the project and we submitted the original composition to Airbnb, resulting in a perfect culmination of sound and story.

In only six days, the video garnered 2,300,000 views on YouTube, over 2000 favorites on Twitter, and over 250,000 views on Facebook. You can see the full success story here:

LIA is one of the largest and most comprehensive awards programs in its field. Its panels of judges include such notable minds as Chris Smith, Group Creative Director at The Richards Group; Kerstin Emhoff, Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Prettybird; Mark Tutssel, Global Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett Worldwide; Matt Eastwood, CCO Worldwide at J. Walter Thomson; and more.

We are honored to be judged critically and deemed worthy by these renowned talents, and we are proud to stand alongside the many other notable works that were awarded their own winged statues, including Ogilvy & Mather Japan GK for with the spot “Lights,” Leo Burnett Germany for McDonald’s Germany with “Popov the Clown,” and Ogilvy New York for NASCAR with “What If,” among others.

Thanks again to LIA for the recognition and to the numerous team members whose creativity and passion made “Wall and Chain” an award-winning project. This shiny statuette does more than celebrate our success – it affirms what we tout every day:

Even the most powerful stories and the most beautiful productions need the perfect soundtrack to truly stand out.

By: Zach Miller, Music Dealers