Sort By Popularity: Your Heat-Seeking Tool for Music Discovery 640 words · 4 minute read

Most music supervisors and creative directors already know that the music in a commercial, scene, or trailer can capture consumers’ attention hook, line, and sinker. The hard part is actually discovering the perfect music that will turn heads and drop jaws.

Oh, if only you could search for music that fits perfectly with your scene, and then sort those results to find the artists on the cusp of breaking into mainstream fame.


Please allow us to humbly present the newest feature of our music search platform: the “Sort By Popularity” filter, or “socially hot,” as we call it.

Sort By Creamiest of the Crop

We recently surveyed a number of our clients and asked what factors they mostly consider when selecting music. Among those answers were “Leveraging the music for maximum reach,” and “if it’s within budget.” Yet, one of the top responses was “Artist Relevance/ Buzz.”

In response, we launched the “Sort By Popularity” feature in our search platform that lists your search results according to the size of the artist’s following on social media.

We’ve scoured the world’s blogs, submerged ourselves into the lowest levels of underground culture, and bruised ourselves black-and-blue pushing through mosh pits to reach the front row of nearly any music festival – all to discover the best up-and-coming artists whose big break can come at any moment.

“Sort By Popularity” is your easiest way to discover the music your consumers love before they have even discovered it themselves.

How to Use It

The essential feature of searching for music is also fairly self-explanatory:

To use “Sort By Popularity,” select “Sort By Popularity” from the sort options above your results. It’s actually really fun in fact, we even used it to build the new cover photo of our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Search using tags the same way you always do; for example, this morning I tried out “Dark” “Synth Pop” “Female.” Then, in the bar just above the search results, click “Sort By Popularity” to arrange the results according to the combined number of followers on the artist’s social media pages.

For my search, some of the top results included:

Today’s Hottest Trend is Tomorrow’s Hottest Band

In October, Spotify announced users had streamed 1 billion tracks in 10 weeks from its newly launched Discover Weekly playlists. Shazam has over 100 million monthly users who use the app to discover and share new music, the aggregated data from which has helped launch the careers of up-and-coming artists like Rachel Platten, whose track “Fight Song” was Shazamed so much she reportedly had a record deal within 72 hours, according to BBC.

Every music service, from iTunes to Pandora to Tidal, includes some feature to facilitate music discovery among its user base.

People want to know what’s hot before it’s trending – from fashion to film and technology to television, but especially so with music.

“Yeah, I already know that,” you might be muttering aloud as you read this. “That’s why I’m here.”

The new “Sort By Popularity” function is our little way of helping you discover music that your consumers are going to rave over. We also hope to help your brands trend in the Twitterverse by inspiring consumers to start their tweets with the words, “I found them first here.”

Looking for buzzing artists? Try out the “Sort By Popularity” option real quick and forget the old digging-for-needles-in-a-haystack game you used to have to play. This ain’t no haystack, friend. This is music discovery made simple. Go ahead, take it for a spin >>

By: Zach Miller, Music Dealers