Top Five Most Musically Engaging Ads of October 655 words · 4 minute read

Music can do amazing things for an advertisement, from attracting eyes (and ears!) to the screen to immersing consumers into the brand’s storyline and more. Ultimately, music is meant to support the story and increase engagement with consumers – easier said than done, sometimes. To highlight what we mean, we selected five ads from last month that we thought were killing the game by marketing with music, and compiled this list of the Top 5 Most Musically Engaging Ads of October.

Wrigley “The Story of Sarah & Juan”

Music: Haley Reinhart “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”

Agency: Energy BBDO

Director of Music: Daniel Kuypers

As a follow-up to the iconic “Origami” ad of 2013, Wrigley’s Gum commissioned its agency of record, Energy BBDO, to create a love story just as tear-jerkingly engaging. The team crafted the tale of Sarah and Juan and, rather than pair it with a stock track as “Origami” had, sought a piece of music with depth and longevity. Led by Director of Music Daniel Kuypers, the Energy BBDO team decided on “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” originally by Elvis Presley, and worked with singer-songwriter Haley Reinhart to record a cover of the iconic song. Reinhart even released the song on iTunes the same day the campaign launched on YouTube.

UFC 193 “Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm: Revolution”

Music: Ludovico Einaudi, ft. Daniel Hope and I Virtuiosi Italiani “Experience”

Production Company: Mothership

Director: Neil Huzley

Music Production: Echolab

In this cinematic promo for the UFC fight between world champion Ronda Rousey and her Nov. 14 challenger, Holly Holm, viewers share the emotional journey both women faced throughout their lives to become the icons they are today. Clocking in at nearly three full minutes, the ad is scored with a beautiful piece by Italian pianist and composer, Ludovico Einaudi. Otherwise completely silent, the ad is narrated through the movement of Einaudi’s “Experience,” which has been streamed 1.5 million times on YouTube, according to Next Big Sound.

Nike “Snow Day”

Music: James Brown “The Payback”

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Production Company: Biscuit

For the first snow day of the year, more than 20 pro athletes showed up for a pickup football game in Nike’s latest ad. Led by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, the spot blends the energy and humor that is often indicative in the brand’s communications, a tone that is emphasized even further by the choice of music that supports the ad. “The Payback,” a funk song by James Brown that reached #1 on the R&B Charts in 1974, leads the energy of the spot its driving instrumentals and jazzy swing. In just two days, the ad was viewed over 8 million times on YouTube and drove nearly 1,000 subscriptions.

Call of Duty “Launch Gameplay Trailer” Music: Rolling Stones “Paint It Black” Advertiser: Activision With the upcoming holidays, one can always anticipate a new Call of Duty release – as well as a badass gameplay trailer to give fans a preview of the experience. In this latest launch trailer, the Call of Duty: Black Ops III video game is introduced, and viewers experience the cybernetic warfare with the iconic song “Paint It, Black” playing in the background. The Call of Duty franchise previously licensed a Rolling Stones song to accompany the launch trailer of its original Black Ops game, and is syncing “Paint It, Black” to multiple commercials as the November 6 launch of Black Ops III approaches.

Fallout 4 “The Wanderer”

Music: Dion “The Wanderer”

Agency: G-Net

Apocalypse is in the air this holiday season with the arrival of the latest Fallout game, and in typical fashion its trailer highlights the global destruction of the game with tongue-in-cheek commentary. The song “The Wanderer” by Dion plays ironically in the background while a man and his dog explore deserted towns, staying true to the ‘50s and ‘60s era that heavily influences the theme of the franchise.

By: Zach Miller, Music Dealers