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The band of Magic City Hippies all began with … well, a Magic City hippy.

Guitarist and vocalist Robby Hunter first started as a one-man street musician in Miami, but eventually expanded his project to a 3-piece indie-funk group that has since earned a #1 spot on the Spotify Top 50 Viral Playlists for US, UK, and Canada with the track, “Fanfare.” The band opened for reggae-rock group Pepper in Orlando this Halloween and will perform at a Miami Heat home game in early 2016.

The band’s unique origin prompted an original musical style; their songs feature soulful tunes laced with hip hop influences. Piled high with echoed vocals, electric guitar, and some occasional cowbell, you can almost just taste a margarita and feel the sand between your toes when listening to each track.

So put your feet up, and enjoy some laid back tunes from Magic City Hippies. Beware, though: The band’s music is just as hot as the city they come from and that’s pretty damn hot.

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Genre: Pop Rock, Indie-Funk

Characteristics: Punchy, Strong, Determined, Introspective, Confident, Melodramatic

Instruments: Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synthesizer

Vocal Themes: Love/Relationships, Love’s Struggle/Unrequited Love

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By: Ariahna Black, Music Dealers