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Let’s Get Social – Integrating Social Media Into Our Search Tool

A few months back we launched a new feature that improves the pitching experience for our clients and staff by giving better insights into our artists’ social media followings. By adding your social media links to your profile, your followings are generated within your artist rows in the search tool. Not having any links entered can turn some clients looking for artists and bands away, while some clients that are just looking for the right song simply don’t care about this – they often see an artist’s decent following as a bonus if the perfect song is found.

Why Is This Important?

Although having a buzz via social media is not a make it or break it for all licenses, a majority of our clients working on advertising campaigns take these numbers into consideration when picking the next artist to pair with. In the bigger picture, solid followings can add value to a campaign while increasing traffic to an artist’s social media pages as the campaign airs. And, clients now have the ability to sort search results by social popularity, so if you’re the Canadian gypsy jazz artist with the most Facebook fans, you’ll be at the top!

Brand wins. Artist wins. Canadian gypsy jazz wins.

How To Get Your Social Media Followings Generated On Your Artist Profile

To ensure your social media pages are being generated, follow the steps below:

  1. Login at MusicDealers.com & go to your artist profile

  2. Click “Edit Profile” in the top right

  3. From the edit page, click on “Biography” in the top right

  4. Fill in the fields under the “Social Media Links” section

Tip: When adding your Facebook account, add your Facebook fan page, not a personal page

  1. Click “Save” & your numbers will generate within 24-48 hours