The Top 5 Most Musically Engaging Ads of January 563 words · 3 minute read

In advertising, music can help attract viewers to the commercial and define the sonic identity of the brand. Music supervisors, brand managers, and post-production editors who understand the marketing power of music find creative ways to use music in advertising that surprises and engages viewers. Few things can accomplish this as well as music can.

These five ads from last January all employ strong music strategy to connect with viewer, yet each does it differently. The diversity of their achievements shows the many ways that music and advertising can marry for better consumer engagement.

Coca-Cola “Anthem”

Coca-Cola debuted its new brand campaign, “Taste the Feeling,” this January with the rollout of six new spots, including “Anthem.” Throughout the spot, people of all ages across the world create memories together while enjoying Coke products, while the original song “Taste the Feeling” soundtracks their experience. The song was written by production team Space Camp from the artist community of Music Dealers, comprised of artists Scott Fritz, Jeremy Bircher, and Josh Jones. Coca-Cola worked with Swedish DJ/Producer Avicii and up-and-coming Australian pop singer Conrad Sewell to adapt the song for “Anthem.”

Intel “Experience Amazing”

In its latest ad “Experience Amazing,” technology company Intel highlights the array of advancements, from robotic-powered prosthetics to solar-powered cars, that have been made possible by Intel. A remix of the recognizable “Symphony No. 5” by Ludwig van Beethoven powers the :60s of inspiring innovation. The music integrates the iconic four-note mnemonic of the brand into the adaptation perfectly to demonstrate just how embedded the Intel brand is in the world of invention.

Adidas “Your Future Is Not Mine”

In a dystopian world of masked gangs and bleak wastelands, four of today’s young influencers walk confidently towards the promise of tomorrow. Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Iman Shumpert, model/lifestyle blogger Aleali May, singer/DJ Kyu Steed, and artist Design Butler march towards a brighter future with Adidas as the haunting voice of Daisy Hamel-Buffa narrates their odyssey. The sultry songstress is the frontwoman of up-and-coming L.A.-based Jazz, Surf & Soul band Daisy. Like the influencers of the spot, Daisy represents a generation of Millennials who embody the campaign’s tagline from Adidas: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Nike “Be Courageous”

As Nike releases its new Kobe 11 shoe line, West Coast creative content studio Conscious Minds crafted a campaign that promoted the inspiration behind the kicks – the NBA all-star Kobe Bryant. Jazz pianist Robert Glasper crafts a tribute song inspired by Bryant’s career, which backs the online spot for Nike, entitled “Be Courageous.” Viewers are directed to a SoundCloud page where they can hear the full song, also called “Be Courageous,” which was written in 44-68 time signature to commemorate Black History Month and in remembrance of April 4, 1968, the day the world lost one of its historical leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oreo “Rolling Wonder”

This year, Oreo wants you to do more than just open up one of its quintessential cookies – the brand is promoting opening up to new people and experiences in its all new anthem by pop singer Adam Lambert. The spot and the anthem is part of the larger “Wonderfilled” initiative launched in 2013, emblematic of the childlike wonder inherent in the experience of eating Oreos, with Lambert’s original ode to diversity and inclusion the theme song to the campaign.