11 Music Licensing Experiences Hilariously Demonstrated Through Gifs 310 words · 2 minute read

When dealing with music licensing, we all have intimate experience with the highs and lows of trying to find that perfect song. But what does the process actually look like? Well, we can answer that…

1. When you inquire about the cost of clearing a major song and you get a ridiculous fee:

Not exactly the news you want to present to your client, eh?


2. When you’ve found the perfect song but there’s no instrumental version:

The music licensing workflow equivalent of stepping on a lego. Barefoot.

3. When you hear a re-record of a old song in a new commercial and it’s terrible:

Every time an awful master refresh airs, a fairy loses its wings.

4. When you and your fellow creatives and producers have put together great song options but the brand has other things in mind:

Oh, your 4-year-old likes this song, huh? Perfect!

5. When Adweek or Creativity Online picks up your ad and mentions how incredible the music is:

Yes, the sweet fragrance of recognition!

6. When the show’s producer gives you a horrible idea for a music cue:

Music supervisors love this!

7. When you check YouTube and everyone in the video comments section keeps asking who the artist and song is:


8. When you’re looking for songs and the music company’s search sucks:

Luckily, our search is awesome, or we wouldn’t include this one, teehee.

9. When the music licensing company is using heavy sync terms and you don’t know what the hell they’re talking about:

Who doesn’t love a little industry jargon?

10. When the song is perfect and fits within your budget:

Like a glove, baby!

11. When you’ve been working on a custom song for weeks and you finally hear the winning version:

Well it’s about damn time!

Shouts to giphy.com and tumblr for the gifs.