9 Types of People You See at Music Festivals But Wish You Didn't 177 words · 1 minute read

It’s festival season, which means it’s time to have your personal space invaded by strangers. Prepare yourself for awkward moments, side eye glances, and things you’ll never be able to unremember with this list of the people you wish you didn’t see at music festivals.

1. Dads

So. Painfully. Bored.

2. Moms

Oh, the second hand embarassment. Ample reason for child/parent divorce.

3. The Loner

Sir, you need to calm down. The show hasn’t even started yet.

4. The super confused, but in the front row.

“Who is this band?”

5. The Tripper

Oh, don’t mind her, she just thinks she’s tasting colors.

6. The Drunk

It’s 11 am. How have you consumed that much alcohol?

7. The Sitter

Uh, why did you bring a baby?

8. The Not very good at crowd surfing

The “Let me try crowd surfing now… or how bout now…”

9. The Dude Refusing to Wear a Shirt

Oh, I see you’ve got the Dad bod before you’ve got the kids. Preparation, eh? Nice!

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Mario Antonio