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Most bands break up after college. You move away, you get a job, and you leave your dream behind. Faded Paper Figures, an ambitious, devoted trio fought the stereotype by keeping their music alive, even while working bicoastally. These three, comprised of astonishingly bright minds, bring a fresh taste of electronic music to the MD catalog.

Always evolving and creating, the group has songs reminiscent of early Postal Service while also offering a plethora of fresh synth sounds. Building multiple albums through video chat sessions and emails isn’t easy, but these three do not disappoint in their delivery. Each new album is a work of its’ own but hones in to the well rounded and developed style of Faded Paper Figures. Check out their kitschy, humorous video to their song Metropolis, featured in our catalog.

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Faded Paper Figures

Genre: Indie Pop, Synth Pop

Characteristics: Atmospheric, Punchy, Shimmering, Upbeat, Glitchy, Demure, Builds/Grows

Instruments: Synth, Bass, Drums, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Horns, Keyboard, Piano, Glockenspiel

Vocal Themes: Romantic, Introspective, Thoughtful, Magical, Disappointed, City Life, Determined, Carefree

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