Artist of the Month: Shields 146 words · 1 minute read

Hopping from across the pond into the Music Dealers catalog, Shields brings a unique sound and high production value to the tribe of indie rock. Described as “punchy” and “upbeat,” the band has a sound reminiscent of Muse complete with fuzzy guitars but with even stronger, brighter lyrics and melody. Shields captivates audiences with their shimmering synths and layers of lush harmonies, creating a new take on the traditional style of indie rock.

Check out their ability to create story with lyricism in their eerie, but magnetizing video for the song “Alive” featured in our catalog:

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Genre: Indie Rock

Characteristics: Bright, Punchy, Shimmering, Laid Back, Lush

Instruments: Electric Guitar, Synth, Piano, Bass, Drums, Hand Claps, Piano

Vocal Themes: Disappointed, Love/Relationships, Relationship Problems, Escaping/Leaving, Life

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