Between Two Turntables: How To Create Success With a Killer Sonic Strategy 177 words · 1 minute read

For being a relatively fledgling discipline, audio branding sure does boast a fair number of expert minds (and ears) whose sonic adventures are paving the way for brands and agencies alike.

Unlike most industries, we don’t consider these minds our competitors. Quite the opposite, in fact – we look to them as potential collaborators on our musical quest of bringing better sounding brands to the masses. As you can imagine, a noble pursuit of this magnitude requires quite the round table.

Two such knights recently worked on an audio branding project together – Steve Keller, CEO/Strategist at iV Audio Branding, and Jeffery David, Vice President at Music Dealers. Afterwards, they chatted with us about their experiences in the world of brand sound. Take a peek!


Thanks for joining us between two turntables to explore the world of audio branding! Share your own experiences navigating this new frontier in the comments section below, and find out how to build a strong sonic identity for your brand with Music Dealers.

Welcome to Camelot. Your sonic identity awaits.