The Curious Life of an Agency Producer Demonstrated Through Gifs 163 words · 1 minute read

1) When you put the bomb squad of vendors together and they have the project poppin’:

2) When the creative director praises the musical options you sent her:

3) When you learn what union fees are going to do to the budget:

4) When you just booked one of the hottest editors in the city:

5) When you’re forced to execute a wack client idea:

6) When you finally see your ad on TV:

7) When the music house sends you music options that aren’t what you asked for but they end up sounding dope:

8) When you’re a female in the male dominated industry but you kick ass nonetheless:

9) When you & the CD have a great relationship & turn out killer projects together:

10) When you get stuck on the brand that never does anything cool:

11) When you find a music house that always takes care of you:

12) When the project you worked on finally wins an award: