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Have a Coke - And a Song! Connect With Your Audience Through Global Hits From Coke

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The most iconic brand in the world, Coca-Cola™, is sharing some of their most prized assets with the masses by licensing through Music Dealers! The Coca-Cola Company has become increasingly more active in the music world, creating hit anthems for their massive global campaigns, local tracks in smaller markets, and everything in between. And now, they’re doing what they do best - sharing.


Client Success Story: Coca-Cola "Building"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

For their animated commercial, “Building,” in which a red balloon spirals around an apartment building full of various Coke-drinking families, Coca-Cola contracted the services of Music Dealers to find a suitable song to accompany their uplifting video, eventually choosing “A Happy Song” by Music Dealers artist, Wendy Colonna.


Client Success Story: Hit The Ground Running "Eat With Me" Trailer

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Music Dealers worked with Hit The Ground Running, a music supervision company, to select a song for the trailer of “Eat With Me,” a film about a mother reconnecting with her estranged, gay son. To complement the emotional turbulence between mother and son in the trailer, Music Dealers Creative Director Tim Lincoln, opted for “Spring in Paris” by Music Dealers artist, Alex Khaskin. The spirited arrangement of the song perfectly matches the complexity of the characters’ relationship, as seen in the pairing of the orchestral dance of Khaskin’s instruments with their fumbling attempts to connect with each other. Check out the trailer below:


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