Custom Music

Real songs, not just jingles

We don’t limit ourselves to one or two studios where a handful of composers manufacture music in every genre – our studio spans the globe. Need reggae? We contact our artists in Jamaica. Russian hip hop? Work with the best Russian talent to create an authentic custom piece.

  • Access to thousands of the best artists globally
  • Crowdsource amazingly authentic custom music
  • Reimagine an existing song or customize to an existing track
  • Create a custom version of a famous song
  • Have composers score specifically to your work cut
  • Provide your own ideas and lyrics
  • Recreate an existing song in another language

How We Do Custom

Our creatives speak your language and the language of music.

We work with you to select artists from around the world that could best execute on your needs. We’ll guide them through your brief to ensure you receive several great interpretations of your vision to choose from.

Select your favorite tracks and provide feedback until your song is perfect. Think in days as opposed to weeks of back-and-forth. We'll handle the logistics and work with your timelines.

That's it. Years of experience allows us to make process fun and ensure you get marvelous results. Start here to get the ball rolling.

Featured Custom Work

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Truly Custom. Truly Music.

When you’re working with real artists, you have the ability to create real songs. There's no need to limit to syncing to your piece. You can turn that song into a distributed anthem working for your brand in marketplaces around the globe.

When creating real custom music, your music strategy really begins to unfold. With our experience working with global brands, agencies and leading industry partners, we're able to provide options and insight on how to bring your music to life.

Contact us to get started on your Custom project.

The Deal Board and Custom Music

The Deal Board is a music crowdsourcing app that enables us to use technology to source exceptional music.

By publishing briefs to the Deal Board, we can quickly receive, review, rate, and manage hundreds of submissions at a time and pare them down to a handful of great song options.

The Deal Board helps Music Dealers work around your tight deadlines and source a plethora of quality, diverse interpretations of a creative brief, all in pursuit of providing you that elusive perfect song.

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