Why work with Music Dealers?

Music Dealers is a true advocate for independent artists; we provide direct avenues for artists to monetize their art. We understand the complexities of the industry today and our purpose as a company is to give artists a simple means to continue creating, thriving, and building their brands.

To achieve this, we have sales teams around the world seeking opportunities to pitch your music for. Additionally, MusicDealers.com allows clients to come to search over 200 filters to find your music for their project

We keep things simple and fair and always have our artists best interests in mind. We're here so you can continue to create art, monetize your music and quit your job (or never get one), so you can keep doing what you love

How does licensing work?

The world of music licensing is all around you. Any music you hear in a commercial, movie, video game or on a TV show was licensed. When you, as an artist, license a track to a company, you give them the right to use your music for whatever purposes and term in which you've agreed. In return, that company will pay you for letting them use your music. Here's the best part: You're not actually selling your song. You still retain all the rights to your music so you can license a song over and over again. Zero risk and endless opportunity - every reason to put your music to work.

Can I work with other licensing companies while you pitch my music?

When we say no strings attached, we mean it. Our contract is 100% non-exclusive so you're free to explore other licensing opportunities, sell your music, perform, etc

Do I retain all the rights to my music while working with you?

Unquestionably, undeniably, without a doubt: YES. This is a totally non-exclusive website. We do not lay claim to any of the rights to your music. Even when you place a track, it is still 100% yours. License it again, put it on an album, remix it and play it at your mom's birthday party, whatever. It's your music; do what you want with it.

What file formats does Music Dealers accept?

We only accept 320kb MP3 files.

Is there a physical contract I need to sign?

We do not need a physical agreement signed. When you sign up, you'll agree to our terms electronically and your songs will be added to that agreement as they are uploaded. You can review the contract here: Terms & Conditions

Once I upload music can I remove it?

To request removal of songs, go to your artist profile and click the expand button to the right of the song title you would like to remove. On the left, select "Request Removal." On the bottom of the first page there will be a check box; check it and enter your reason for removal. Save this page and your removal request will be fulfilled within 30 days. For a visual explanation: http://bit.ly/SongRemoval

What browser works best with your website?

The newest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome works best with MusicDealers.com.

Why does Music Dealers add tags to my songs?

We add "MDV" (Music Dealers Version) to the beginning of every track title in our catalog. We "tag" tracks for three reasons:

  1. To fulfill our 50/50 publishing split. While MusicDealers.com doesn't own any of the actual rights to your music, we are income participants for 50% of the subsequent publishing royalties.
  2. To ensure that we only share royalties on the placements we secure and not any others placements you secure elsewhere, radio play, etc
  3. To ensure you retain all the rights to your original "untagged" track and are free to do whatever you want with it

Still confused? This should clear things up: Say you have a track called "Get Up and Dance" and Music Dealers places it in a Nike commercial. At the same time, you independently place it in an episode of The Office on NBC. When your P.R.O. is notified of these placements, the Nike commercial track would be called "MDV - Get Up and Dance" while The Office version would be just called "Get Up and Dance". Any royalties you earn through The Office would have nothing to do with us and go directly to you. A tag protects you by ensuring we only share in 50% of the publishing royalties from placements that we secure, while you retain 100% ownership. You can still license it again to someone else; release it on your own, whatever. Essentially, we tag tracks so you retain all the rights to your songs. Overall, "tagging" benefits the artist

How do I get started?

You begin the process by visiting http://www.musicdealers.com/got-music and applying for an account. We want to ensure that all the artists entering our catalog are of the highest quality and are artists we confidently feel we can place. Because of this, every artist/band that applies is listened to by our Artist Services team, and we approve the artists we feel strongly about. Once you apply, we will be in touch within a week or two.

¿Cómo comienzo con Music Dealers?

Usted puede comenzar el proceso por simplemente visitando a http://www.musicdealers.com/got-music y solicitar una cuenta. Queremos asegurarnos de que todos los artistas que entren a nuestro catálogo sean de la mas alta calidad y que estemos confidentes de que los vamos a colocar. Debido a esto, cada artista / banda que aplique seran escuchados por nuestro equipo de Servicios de Artistas y aprobaremos a los que creemos firmemente que podemos colocar. Una vez aplicando, nos pondremos en contacto dentro de una o dos semanas.

Where can I see some of your placements and/or artists you have placed?

Seeing what we have placed before is always helpful in gauging what type of music gets placed. It also helps set parameters on what kind of quality our clients expect from us. You can see some of our placements on our blog here: http://bit.ly/14ssPJv

I represent several artists, is there a way to have multiple accounts?

We made it easy for labels, managers, publishers and other reps to manage multiple artist profiles under one username. Once logged in, you can add unlimited artists by clicking “Add Artist” on your artist dashboard. For a visual explanation: http://bit.ly/Ysgg8G

Does Music Dealers require ISRC codes to sign up?

No. We do not require ISRC codes.

What are Promotional Placements? What am I missing out on by opting out of these types of opportunities?

Many of our deals will have an up-front fee along with back-end royalties. On the other hand, some may not have an up-front fee but will earn back end royalties. We recognize that every artist is in a different stage of their career and some of you may not be interested in deals with no up-front fees. We've given you the option to opt out of these arrangements by opting out of Promotional Placements in the Edit Profile section of your profile. If you choose to opt out, your music will not be considered for anything that does not have an up-front fee. IMPORTANT: If you choose to opt out of Promotional Placements, you will also be removed from opportunities that may earn you significant back end royalties. (example: a placement on an MTV show

Do I need to be a member of a PRO to join Music Dealers?

You are not required to be a member of a PRO, but we highly recommend that you join one. If you are not a member of a PRO and you place your music, you can be missing out on a lot of money. If you affiliate with a PRO after you've joined, you can simply update the information for your songs through your profile and let us know

Do I need to inform the other writers about the profile I've created and songs I've uploaded?

Our contract states that whoever is signing the agreement has the rights to upload the material. If you have not acquired the right to upload this material (as in there are copyright holders involved that have no idea that this material is on our site) than you should not begin uploading material to MD. So yes, inform and get permission from all the rights holders.

I uploaded my music, now what?

We'll explain our process to get you a little more familiar and comfortable with how we work. When you upload music to your profile, it goes through a process before it is available to our clients.

First, it has to clear our Rights Management (publishing) department. They ensure the rights you claim to have are accurate and the songs are not attached to any major labels or exclusive publishers. Once the publishing is clear, it goes to our music review team that will personally listen to your song front to back and mark it with between 200-300 different tags, including BPM, vocal themes, instruments, mood, and so on.

Once the songs enter the catalog, there are multiple ways they can be selected for placements. We have 8,500+ clients with 24/7 access to our catalog to search for what they need. We also have deals with various networks all over the world that use music for their shows and promos and report to us quarterly. They have already racked up over 75,000 uses as part of these deals so far. Along with these two ways, we have many clients that come to us each week that need music. We have in-house Supervisors and Creative teams that search our catalog based on the clients brief and create custom playlists for them. Overall, about 99% of our opportunities are done by the two options above. The other 1% represents opportunities that we'll reach out to artists to create custom music for.

How long is the term of the non-exclusive contract?

It’s as long as you want it to be. Since there's no defined term in our non-exclusive contract, you can get out of it at any time. Upon your request to end the contract, your account and music will be removed from the site within 30 days.

Do I have the ability to approve any deals before they are finalized?

You will not have the ability to examine every deal that your music has the potential to be a part of. Given the amount of music that we license, it would be impossible to confirm the specifics with every artist beforehand.

But, we do provide you with several tools to ensure that we are using your music how you want it used. We provide our artists with a list of industries they can exclude their music from (Politics, Religion, Tobacco, Alcohol, Fast Food, Military, and Pornography). We also provide the option to opt out of particular deals (promotional or gratis deals for example).

Using these options, we will avoid the deals that you do not want to be a part of. You will see these options as you create your profile and upload songs.

What are the ways Music Dealers tries to get my music licensed?

There are three different ways your songs can be submitted for an opportunity.

  1. We have numerous deals with networks all around the world that have access to our catalog and send usage reports to us quarterly.
  2. Clients come to us for music and our Creative Directors build playlists based on the client’s brief
  3. Our clients have the ability to search our catalog themselves and find your music.
When I upload my music, is it immediately available for licensing?

When you upload music to your profile, it goes through a process before it is available to our clients. First, it has to clear our rights management (publishing) department. They ensure the rights you claim to have are accurate and the songs are not attached to any major labels or exclusive publishers. Once the publishing is clear, it goes to our music review team that will personally listen to your song from front to back and mark it with between 200-300 different tags, including BPM, vocal themes, instruments, mood, and so on.

Once reviewed, it enters the catalog and becomes ready for clients to listen to and license. Currently, this whole process can take between 6-12 months; however, all songs uploaded are available to our in-house creative teams to pitch when appropriate. When non-reviewed songs are pitched, they are expedited through the review process. To view our song review process, visit: http://bit.ly/zLk5hA

What is a W-8BEN and why does Music Dealers need it?

A W-8BEN is a tax form for non-US payees. Sometimes we are required to withhold a certain percentage of payment depending on where you live. This is due to different tax treaties between the US and other countries. For example, we withhold 0% for Canadian payees, but have to withhold 5% for payees in Spain. If you have any questions about the form, we suggest that you contact an accountant or tax professional. Only international artists who are due to receive payment will need to send us a W-8. We will contact you to let you know if that is the case. For more info on W-8BEN Tax forms, visit: http://bit.ly/W8TaxForm

Why do I need to upload a tax form? (W-9 or W-8BEN)

Music Dealers requires a tax form from every payee we work with. If we license your music, we will need a tax form before we can send you payment. Below are links with step-by-step instructions to fill out these forms.

  • W-9 for Individuals: http://bit.ly/W9TaxIndv http://bit.ly/W9TaxIndv
  • W-9 for Entities: http://bit.ly/W9TaxEnt http://bit.ly/W9TaxEnt
  • W-8BEN for Individuals: http://bit.ly/W8TaxForm http://bit.ly/W8TaxForm
  • W-8BEN for Entities: Please contact your accountant

    Why do I need a PayPal account?

    Let’s save some trees and get you paid quicker in the meantime – seems like a win-win, right? PayPal is our preferred payment method. We cover the PayPal transaction fees so no need to worry about that. We do understand that some countries do not have access to PayPal and if that is the case, send an email to artist.support@musicdealers.com and we will provide alternate options.

    What is the Music Dealers pay structure for placements?

    There are no signup fees to join Music Dealers. When we get a placement for you, we will split the fee earned from licensing your song (both master and publishing sides) 50/50. And, in the event that your song will be in a position to earn royalties, Music Dealers will register the song with an MDV tag (to separate our placed version from your version) and share in 50% of the publishers share of the royalties. You will keep 100% of the writers share and the remaining 50% of the publishers share. It is important to keep in mind that we only share income on the placements that we secure. We DO NOT share any income from placements you secure elsewhere, on your own, record sales, shows, etc.

    Are there any fees involved?

    There are no signup fees. Zero. Our contract is simple: we work on a percentage basis so we don't get a check unless you get a check, and our check is the same amount as yours.

    Do I get paid royalties?

    Another huge benefit of Music Dealers: About 75% of our placements earn royalties. In other words, one license can keep paying you for years past the point of sync-license. But in order to receive royalties, your music must be registered with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO). When we place your song, our Rights Management team will register your song and submit all necessary documentation to ensure royalties are tracked accurately and payment is on time. Your PRO will then calculate all royalties and pay out to all publishers and writers of the song. Although not required, we strongly suggest that you are registered with a PRO to ensure you get paid all the money you deserve for placements.

    I placed a song a few months ago - when do I get paid?

    Music Dealers pays out 45 days after end of the quarter that we've been paid.

    We receive payments from the client anywhere from 30-120 days after the placement airs. Music Dealers payment quarters begin on Jan 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. You will be paid within 45 days of the end of the quarter.

    Q1 payments are sent out May 15
    Q2 payments are sent out Aug 15
    Q3 payments are sent out Nov 15
    Q4 payments are sent out Feb 15

    So for example, if you receive a placement on January 1, 2013 (Quarter 1) and we receive payment for the placement on April 1 2013 (Quarter 2), you will be paid within 45 days of the end of Q2 - Aug 15.

    The system is dependent upon when we receive payment from the client, which we try to do as quickly as possible so we can pay you. Learn more about the steps of our payment process: http://bit.ly/MDPaymentProcess

    Can I upload songs to your catalog that have Creative Commons licenses associated with them?

    No. Creative Commons music can result in several conflicts of interest if we place the song, including proper reception of royalty payments and synch/master fees. As well, our clients would be paying for a song that they could potentially get elsewhere for free. We love the idea of artists posting their works for free and legal-free collaborations, but please only upload original works that only you control.

    If I am uploading a cover song, what do I put in for PRO info?

    When uploading a cover, title the song as "Song Title (Cover)" so we can immediately identify that it is a cover and catalog it accordingly. For PRO info, enter "Cover" in the writer and publisher boxes and "No Affiliation" from the affiliation drop box and we can handle all that for you upon licensing the song.

    If I am uploading a Public Domain song, what do I put in for PRO info?

    A song in the public domain will still collect royalties for a public performance, albeit, at a lower rate. The song's publishing information section should include all of the new writers who arranged the song and a placeholder for the original composer, which is done by adding another writer and putting the word TRADITIONAL in the songwriter name field. That placeholder needs to also be assigned the PRO affiliation "Public Domain" from the drop down and assigned a 0% writer share. This applies only to the writer portion. The publisher portion will only contain you and your band mate's publishing entity. The finished product would look like this:

    Title: Jingle Bells
    Writer 1 / ASCAP / 25%
    Writer 2 / ASCAP / 25%
    Writer 3 / ASCAP / 25%
    Writer 4 / ASCAP / 25%
    Traditional / Public Domain / 0%

    What is the proper way to update my publishing information?

    Any publishing information that you've updated or changed (please see 'How do I edit my publishing information?' if you need help) is immediately reflected in our system.

    We may need to make some adjustments to other information depending on whether or not we've registered one of your works with a PRO. So, if you are changing or updating publishing information, send an email to publishing@musicdealers.comto let us know.

    In the subject line, write: Updated Publishing Information - Your Artist Name

    In the body of the email, let us know what songs have been changed. You'll be all set.

    How do I edit my publishing information?

    To edit your publishing information, go to your profile, expand the "details" tab for the song you want to edit, then click "edit" on the left. You'll be on the page where your publishing information is located. Make your changes then click "Accept."

    To see how to do this, visit: http://bit.ly/XWW0gj

    I uploaded songs and don’t see anywhere to enter attributes such as tempo, genre, mood, etc. How do I do that?

    There's no need to worry about these, our review team will take care of all of this for you when your songs pass through review. We will tag your songs using between 200-300 distinctive attributes so when searching for music, our clients can pinpoint the exact song they are looking for.

    How do I change my account's password or username?

    To change your login details, login to your account and click on the "My Account" option in the top right of the page, and you'll see this option.

    To see how to do this, visit: http://bit.ly/12L7A1G

    How do I edit my; band name, picture, payment info, bio, social media, contact info, members and birthdays, etc.

    All of this information can be updated and edited by clicking on "Edit Profile" in the top right of your artist profile page. From the top menu bar, select the appropriate information that you would like to edit and save.

    To see how to do this, visit: http://bit.ly/16YlQqY

    How do I add/remove exclusions from my songs?

    Our song exclusions are on an artist level, not song level. This makes changing them very quick and easy. To switch what you don't want your songs to be licensed to, go to your artist profile and click "Edit Profile" in the top right. From the edit form, click the "Preferences" tab at the top. At the bottom of this page are the exclusions. Make sure the exclusions you want added to your songs you have checked.

    To see how to do this, visit: http://bit.ly/12iz4Mi

    How do I add or change my artist profile picture?

    Clients may want to see who you are and/or want to team up with you, so having a current picture is always helpful when being pitched.

    To change your profile picture, go to your artist profile and click "Edit Profile" in the top right. The first option on the first page will be your picture. If you are changing it to a different picture, you will have to first click "Remove" under your current picture and then it will allow you to select the new pic to upload from your computer

    To see how to do this, visit: http://bit.ly/16YlQqY

    How do I merge alternate versions already uploaded with existing songs?

    If you already have your alternate versions uploaded but haven't merged them yet, no worries. You will first need to click on the details arrow to the right of the alternate version you want to merge. When you click the details arrow, a drop down menu will appear with options along the left side. From these options, click “Upload/Merge Version.” A pop-up box will appear – select the song you want to merge the alternate version with and click “Add Version".

    To see how to do this, visit this link: http://bit.ly/13G0gYo

    How do I upload music to my profile?

    Once you create a username, you will have to create an artist profile. Once created, go to your artist profile and click "Upload Song" in the top right of your artist profile. This will take you to our upload form. Make sure all your PRO info is correct and accurate and all songs are 320kb MP3 format.

    To see how to do this, visit: http://bit.ly/11hzmSh

    What is the proper way to update my publishing information?

    Any publishing information that you've updated or changed (please see 'How do I edit my publishing information?' if you need help) is immediately reflected in our system.

    We may need to make some adjustments to other information depending on whether or not we've registered one of your works with a PRO. So, if you are changing or updating publishing information, send an email to publishing@musicdealers.com to let us know.

    In the subject line, write:

    Updated Publishing Information - Your Artist Name

    In the body of the email, let us know what songs have been changed. You'll be all set.

    When I log out of my account and view my songs, I can't see all of them. What's going on?

    Your music is still on your profile! It just means your songs are still in the review pipeline and haven't become visible to people who aren't signed in. Everything is still there and all your songs are available to our in-house Creative teams.

    How do I edit my song titles and other song details?

    To edit your song titles, expand the details tab for the song you want to change, then click "edit" on the left. The edit form will allow you to edit the title, lyrics, privacy, PRO info and anything else related to that song.

    How do I delete my profile?

    Although we love what we do, parting ways with members of our Artist Community is always the worst part. Whether you've signed an exclusive deal or you're giving up music and joining a cult, we’ve made it simple to exit our Artist Community.

    Visit your artist profile and click “Edit Profile” in the top right. Scroll down on the first page of the edit form and there is a section called “Request Removal.” Check that box and enter in the reason for your departure. Once you save, your profile will be removed within 30 days. Hopefully this is not a goodbye but a “we will see you again soon

    How do I delete or remove a song?

    To delete or remove songs, go to your artist profile and click the expand button to the right of the song title you would like to have removed. On the left, select "Request Removal." Navigate past the first page and on the second page you'll see the box that says "Please remove this song." Check the box, fill out the reason and save. Once you've requested removal the song will be removed from our catalog within 30 days.

    To see how to do this, visit: http://bit.ly/12Xfo0W

    How do I switch songs between public and private?

    Switching songs between public and private is very simple. Go to your artist profile and expand the details button of the song. On the left, select 'Edit Song.' Navigate to the middle of the edit form and there will be an option to switch between public and private (below Additional Song Information). Click your selection and save.

    To see how to do this, visit: http://bit.ly/XsIT6p

    I see a section about royalty free samples in my profile page. What’s a royalty free sample?

    A royalty free sample is any music that you purchased on a 'loop cd', 'sound library kit', or any other production library sounds that are available for commercial use. These are fine for use at MD. If you are unsure about sounds that you are using, contact the company that makes the sound disc you are using and they will be able to tell you.

    What is the difference between public and private songs?

    Uploading your songs as private or public has no effect on your chances on landing placements. Our clients as well as staff here at Music Dealers can view and pitch your music either way you upload. Uploading songs as private just ensures that anyone that visits your profile won't be able to see or listen to the songs marked private.

    I have a new mix of an existing song, how do I swap it out with the old version uploaded to my profile?

    you need songs replaced, we have a simple process. Make sure all the file names are the same as the songs on your profile. Zip up the files and upload to WeTransfer or a similar FTP site. Once uploaded, email Artist.Support@musicdealers.comwith:

    Email Subject: Please Replace Songs For [Artist Name]
    - Link to download the songs (make sure all songs are 320kb MP3 format)
    - Profile link

    We will then replace them for you asap and send you a confirmation email.

    When inputing the writer/publisher info for my song, I receive an error that tells me my PRO writer/publisher splits must be equal to each other. Both total 100%, what’s wrong?

    First, we’d like to note that this is an issue that can only affect writers and publishers from the US who are affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. The reason for the error is because your total PRO (ASCAP, BMI or SESAC) publisher share DOES NOT equal the total PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) writer share. This is a rule that has been established by the US PROs, mostly as a result of having multiple societies all administering the same rights.

    A correct example of this info would look as such:

    Writer 1 - 50% - ASCAP
    Writer 2 - 50% - BMI

    Publisher 1 - 50% - ASCAP
    Publisher 2 - 50% - BMI

    This is probably the most straight-forward example. However, if the ownership of either writer increase/decrease, so to does the total ASCAP/BMI publisher share to match:

    Writer 1 - 23% - ASCAP
    Writer 2 - 77% - BMI

    Publisher 1 - 23% - ASCAP
    Publisher 2 - 77% - BMI

    The ASCAP publisher would not be able to collect more than 23% of the total publisher share because the ASCAP writer only control 23% of the total writer share. And as such, ASCAP isn’t going to be concerned with anything more than the 23% assigned to ASCAP.

    There are some very fringe cases that would allow this rule to be bypassed. Like if you are a writer of one society, but have certain songs still being administered by a different society. If that is your situation, please contact publishing@musicdealers.com and we’ll be able to sort this out for you.

    If you do not fall into this category, and instead are affiliated with one PRO while your publisher is affiliated with another, you will need to have a publisher with the same PRO affiliation in order to collect on the publisher share of your work as a result of public performances that could occur.

    I have several different versions of my music including :30s, :60s, and underscores. Should I upload those too?

    No. Editors will typically cut their own versions to fit their needs, so it is not necessary to upload those various legnths/versions of one song. The only versions we need are:

    - Vocal
    - Instrumental
    - Clean Versions / Radio Edits
    - Minimal Vocals
    - Stingers

    How do I improve my chances of success with Music Dealers?

    1. Make outstanding music.
    2. Complete your profile with a picture & bio
    3. Make sure you upload instrumental versions of all vocal songs uploaded
    4.Make sure you upload clean versions of any songs that contain explicit lyrics
    5. Have lyrics uploaded to each song - this is very important for TV placements
    6. Make sure you keep us updated on your buzz (http://bit.ly/BuzzPoints)
    7. Again, make outstanding music.

    Can I upload cover songs?

    Yes you may upload covers. Please add the word "Cover" in parenthesis to the song title, i.e. My Song (Cover)

    For the PRO info, please enter the original artist/band name in the writer field and select “No Affiliation” from the affiliation drop down menu. For publisher, put “Cover” and select “No Affiliation” for that as well. Should there be interest in your cover, our publishing department will run the necessary checks.

    What is an IPI/CAE number and how do I find mine?

    As quoted from BMI; "The IPI/CAE number is an international identification number assigned to songwriters and publishers to uniquely identify rights holders.

  • IPI stands for: Interested Parties Information
  • CAE stands for: Composer, Author and Publisher"
  • US writers and publishers - to quickly find your IPI/CAE#, you can run a search for yourself in the database of ASCAP, BMI and SESAC to retrieve your number. Please be sure to select 'writer' or 'publisher' when searching.

  • http://www.ascap.com/Home/ace-title-search/index.aspx
  • http://repertoire.bmi.com/startpage.asp
  • http://www.sesac.com/Repertory/Terms.aspx
  • For international writers, if you are officially registered with a PRO, your information can be found by searching in ASCAP and BMI. 95% of the time, these databases, which are connected to every PRO in the world, will locate you and quickly provide your IPI/CAE#. So it is best to search here first before contacting your PRO.If you are still unable to locate yourself (or there are multiple writers with the same name and you cannot figure out which one is you), then you should either log into your PRO account to find your IPI/CAE# or call your PRO and ask.

    I’m not really sure about my publishing and PRO information; is it necessary to have accurate information?

    In an effort to provide the best service to our clients, Music Dealers has recently tightened the reigns on how we receive information. Our Rights Management department consists of publishing experts who check and verify every song that enters the catalog. All artists will be thoroughly researched and if there is any incomplete or incorrect publishing and PRO information you will most likely be rejected. So be sure to have all the songwriters/publishers of your songs, be positive that there are no major affiliations or exclusive situations tied to any songs that are uploaded to MD, and list out full names of writers and publishing companies for every song (including CAE/IPI numbers).

    What is broadcast quality? If I submit demo versions, will the client allow me to re-record my song?

    Broadcast quality means your music is top quality and ready to be put into a commercial, TV show, etc. right away. It has to be recorded and mixed properly. Clients will not wait for artists to re-record songs—they want songs they can throw into their project immediately. Any demo quality songs will be rejected during review and deleted from our system

    What is the proper way to add alternate versions of a song to my profile?

    On the main page of your profile where your songs are located, click the arrow on the right side of the song you want to upload an alternate version for. Once it expands, click “Upload/Merge Version” on the left and a box will pop up. In the top right of the pop-up box, it will say “upload a new version.” Click that and follow the steps.

    To see how to do this, visit: http://bit.ly/WToIUG

    How significant is it to have instrumental versions of my music?

    It is extremely important to have instrumental versions of your songs uploaded. Instrumentals can make or break a deal. Having these versions allow our clients to drop vocals in and out while editing your songs to visuals. Some clients will not accept songs unless an instrumental version is immediately available. With this being said, please try to have instrumentals uploaded for all your vocal songs.

    Is it best to upload full songs or clips of my music?

    Upload full versions of your songs - the client can edit the songs to their desired length. If you upload clips of your songs, they will be deleted from our system.

    Do I need to list non affiliated writers in the PRO section?

    Absolutely. In the PRO affiliation dropdown, you can select "No Affiliation." Make sure that all publishers and writers are correctly listed, if you have incomplete or incorrect information, your music will be held up during the review process.

    Can I upload a mass number of tracks rather than doing it one by one?

    We currently do not have a mass uploading system and you will have to upload tracks one by one. If you have a lot of tracks, feel free to start with your strongest tracks first and knock out a few at a time.

    Why should I fill out my Artist Profile?

    Music Dealers not only licenses music - we pair artists with brands. Clients and brands like to know more about our artists. If they want to pair up for a campaign with an artist they want to know if they are touring, relevant and active in the music scene. Having a complete bio, picture and relevant buzz points are very important elements to your profile and can only help you.

    How Do I Add Buzz Points to my artist profile?

    You can fill out the form below and our Artist Services team will review them, organize and upload to your profile

    Buzz Point Submission Form: http://bit.ly/BuzzPoints

    Why are lyrics important and how do I add them?

    Clients are able to search our database by lyric theme and specific keywords in songs. If a client comes to us needing a song with the word "Sunshine" in the chorus, our system can find that. Adding lyrics to your songs after you uploaded them is very easy. Expand the details tab for the song you want to add lyrics to, then click "edit" on the left. Under the section “Additional Song Information” will be a field that you can paste your lyrics in. From there, click “Save” at the bottom and you are set to go.

    Do you notify me about all my placements you land?

    We only notify artists of placements $2,500 and over. With hundreds of songs being placed within our blanket deals, it is tough to notify all artists of these placements. Anything under $2,500 will be on your statement when your payment is sent

    Is there some kind of way that I can get a list of jobs MD has submitted my songs to?

    With the amount of placements increasing daily and the amount of submissions from all our offices and clients, it's difficult to get a list of all opportunities your music is submitted for. However, all artists are sent an email when their songs are added to playlists and submitted to opportunities.

    How long does it usually take for an artist to get their 1st placement?

    This is a question that is impossible to answer. Experiences in licensing are different for every artist and band. Some of our artists get placements the following week after uploading and some have been with us for a year plus with no placements secured. It all depends on timing - having the right song at the right time for the right client

    I’ve received an email notification about my song being added to a playlist. What does that mean?

    Getting your song added to a playlist is the first step to getting your music licensed. If you received an email notification that your song was added to a playlist, that means a client came to us with many specifications regarding the type of music they are looking for and your music met some or all of that criteria. We added your song to a playlist and sent it off to a client for placement consideration. This doesn't mean that you have placed the track, but means the client is listening to your song and you are one step closer to landing a placement. The main reason for the notification is to keep our artists in the loop with what's going on with their music. Please do not respond to your playlist notification email. If your song gets placed, we will contact you (if placement is over $2,500 USD) or you’ll see it on your quarterly statement

    I'm having a tech-related issue, how can I contact you for help?

    If something isn't working for you, you may contact our IT team by clicking the "support" tab located on the right side of our site, or you can connect with someone by visiting Music Dealers Support and selecting "contact support" on the right.

    I would love to work for Music Dealers, are you hiring?

    Music Dealers is always open to welcoming fresh new talent to our ever-evolving team. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Music Dealers team whether as in an intern or looking for full/part time employment, feel free to send an updated resume and cover letter to our Human Resources department at hr@musicdealers.com. If we feel your skill set is one that would work well in fulfilling a need, we will be in contact with you.

    I still have a question that the FAQ section hasn't answered, can I contact you?

    Yes, if you need assistance with something that is not covered on this FAQ, please contact us at artist.support@musicdealers.com.