The Music Dealers Player

What is it?

The Music Dealers Player is a widget that you can add to your site that will play your songs that you've added to your Music Dealers profile. It’s easy to add to your site and is a great way to add value to your site's visitors and yourself.

It features easy functionality allowing potential clients to visit your Music Dealers profile with one click and license your music for their next project. Think of it as a personal licensing department integrated into your site. Fancy, eh?

How can I use it?

It’s very easy. You can find the code for the player on your Artist Profile page. Simply drop one line of code on any site that allows Javascript and the player will show up on your website playing the songs from your Music Dealers artist profile.

The profile will play songs in the order they are on your profile and will not play private songs. To change the order to your preference, login to your Music Dealers account and click “Reorder Tracks” in the top right of your Artist Profile.

What's the catch?

We wanted to create a way to spread your music to the masses while creating something helpful for our Artist Community. The hope is this will lead to more licenses from clients that come across your page and want a simple, fast way to license your music. You won’t have to handle any of the paperwork or communication – we got you!

Common Questions

Can I control what music shows up on my player?
This is the first version of the widget player with many customization options coming in the near future. At this time, all songs that are public on your profile will play in the player.
Can I customize the look of the player? Can I change where it shows up?
The player was created to have a simple site-friendly look and feel. Some of the elements will update based on your site design, but for the most part it will remain as it looks. We'll be adding the ability to choose different templates in the future as we learn more about how our community wants to use it.
Can you help me add this to my site?
Unfortunately, due to the amount of different types of sites out there, it's up to you to add it to your site. You do have our full moral support though. (Go You!...)
Where should I add this to my site?
We think the best place to add it would be the end of the page. If you have a site where you can edit the footer it'd be simplest to add the code there and the player would exist on every page that uses that footer. Feel free to test it and see what works best for your site.
Can I use this on Facebook?
You can use the widget anywhere you can add a line of Javascript to the page. Unfortunately, you cannot add Javascript to your Facebook profile.
How do I add music to my player?
The player directly plays songs from your Music Dealers profile. Simply upload new music and they will appear on your player within minutes.
If I add the player to my site, can I remove it anytime?
Absolutely, if you add it and for whatever reason want to remove it next week, next month or in year 2020 – you can do that by just deleting the corresponding code on your site. Magical.