21 Days of Gift-Fest

January 13, 2015
21 Days of Gift-Fest

McDonald's and American Express collaborated on a holiday campaign to share their holiday spirit with consumers through a campaign that awarded $90,000 in prizes daily during December in their 2014 yuletide campaign, “21 Days of Gift-Fest.” The advertisement for the program is populated by families and friends whose holiday cheer is enriched by the generosity of the brands’ initiative. The cheerful melody of “Fa La La” by Music Dealers artist Matthew Tishler resonates through the spot, which aired in both thirty-second and fifteen-second versions.





Jessie LaBelle, Creative Director


The Challenge

Immediate Deadline

As the world prepared for its holiday season, fellow Chicago-based agency Leo Burnett contacted Music Dealers with an urgent music request for its latest spot, “21 Days of Gift-Fest.” Before the snow even hit the ground, MD-Chicago’s Dream Team Jessie LaBelle and Jeffery David, the Senior Creative Director and Director of Business Development, respectively, embarked on a mission to find the perfect song.

The Solution

Custom Composition

Because of the uniquely concerted nature of the project, the agency required a song to embody three different traits: the cinematography of the spot, the collaboration of two brands in this campaign, and the spirit of the winter holidays. Only a custom composed track could meet (and then exceed) the expectations of the agency and brand.

The Result

Branded Music

Music Dealers collaborated with songwriter and music producer Matthew Tishler, and together wrote “Fa La La,”, a song that both captured the holiday spirit and resonated with listeners through its catchy, memorable tune. To give the song a unique McDonalds touch, they incorporated its iconic five-note melody into the song, thereby prompting the world to sing in tune with the brand throughout the holiday season.

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