"A Step From Zero"

May 17, 2014
Coke Zero "A Step From Zero"

Coke Zero helped “make possible” an emerging artist’s dream after selecting the original track, “All In,” by Music Dealers artist Metis for the anthem of its Make It Possible campaign and accompanying ad, “A Step From Zero.” “All In” encouraged millions to chase their ambitions and “make it possible" by depicting a young man whose frustration with family strife spurns him to create a unique dance move, the Toe Tappy. Throughout the song, a militant beat pounds on the snare drum, matching the passion of the dancer in the video as he strives to “make [his dreams] possible.”




Dan Kuypers, Creative Director



All In (120811) - METIS

The Challenge

A Dance to Change the World and a Song to “Make It Possible”

To begin the Step From Zero dance project, Coke Zero solicited its community to create a new dance that would represent the brand’s message of “make it possible.” To energize dancers’ creativity, Music Dealers delivered 15 unique dance tracks to which choreographers could develop their moves. After the “Toe Tappy,” was selected, Music Dealers searched for a song that would both complement the unique dance and represent the brand’s message.

The Solution

Putting Everything on the Line and Going for It

From over 50 custom artist submissions to choose from for the “A Step From Zero” spot, Ogilvy, Coke and Music Dealers selected “All In” by Metis, an independent artist whose story and song dually represented Coke Zero’s Make It Possible campaign. Metis resigned from his Wall Street investor position to pursue his dreams in music and wrote the first version of “All In” two days later.

The Result

Five Million Views, Gold Award and Record Deals

As the anthem for Coke Zero’s Make It Possible campaign and the soundtrack to the “A Step From Zero Spot”, “All In” won the ears of listeners across the world. As of August 2014, the YouTube video for “A Step From Zero” has garnered well over five million views since its May 2012 publication. Additionally, the spot was awarded Gold at the 2012 London International Awards.

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