Act Any Age

May 27, 2015
“Act Any Age”

A cosmetics brand retailer with skin care specialty, Kiehl’s launched its #ActAnyAge campaign to “inspire everyone who watches it to simply feel good in their own skin,” according to Chris Salgardo, president of Kiehl's USA. The campaign currently features eleven web spots, all of which showcase normal folks who were simply asked how old they felt and if they would dance to a song as if they were indeed that age. The resulting videos are authentic and heartwarming, and the same jovial song plays throughout them all: “And The Beat Goes On” by Anna Ihlis.





Tim Lincoln, Music Dealers Creative Director


Anna Ihlis

And The Beat Goes On

The Challenge

Youth Through Music

The #ActAnyAge campaign is all about song, dance, and creative expression. Evan Slater, partner and creative director for Night Agency, said, “It's one of those forms of expression that no matter how old you get, you can also express yourself if you're in the mood. It's a universal thing, regardless of age or culture or language.” Accordingly, the music had to evoke a strong sense of personality, as well as some rebellion against social norms.

The Solution

Song Alteration

The full-service digital agency behind #ActAnyAge, Night Agency, and the creative team at Music Dealers embarked on a close collaboration for the project. After reviewing the client’s needs, MD provided several rounds of recommendations that could fit the spot and the campaign. After exploring the options, MD worked with Anna Ihlis to edit an existing track of hers for the ad. Following multiple revisions, “And The Beat Goes On” synced so perfectly that it seems like a custom job.

The Result

The Perfect Sync

“And The Beat Goes On” kickstarts the videos with its building intro and then sparks the youthful vigor of the #ActAnyAge participants with the song’s rowdy lyric, “Blame my youth.” The campaign launched May 17 with a website, hashtag, and a series of videos, which were viewed over 15,000 times in total in the first week of their release. Since then, Anna has experienced twice the expected Facebook activity for an artist with her audience size, according to Next Big Sound.

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