“Art of Spice”

November 12, 2014
“Art of Spice”

In the fall of 2013, Music Dealers conducted a screening to showcase our capabilities to Cramer-Krasselt, the second-largest independent agency in the country. Shortly after the screening, Cramer-Krasselt (Milwaukee) tapped Music Dealers to utilize authentic music for a national campaign for their client, Spice Islands. As the 70-year-old brand had not run a TV ad in six years, each aspect of the spot needed to connect powerfully with consumers. Needless to say, the selection of music was critical.





Tim Lincoln, Creative Director


The Challenge

Our First Time Working Together

Music Dealers received the opportunity to work on a national campaign for the Spice Islands brand with Cramer-Krasselt. Since the brand has not recently advertised on television, Music Dealers needed to provide stellar music supervision that would accurately capture the sonic essence of their brand and campaign. Furthermore, a venture back into television meant an increase in ad budget and raised stakes for the creatives involved.

The Solution

Music Dealers Music Supervision Services

Through a combination of music supervision, care of Music Dealers’ team of expert creative directors, and online music search, creatives selected Bronze Radio Return’s “Rough Town” as the official selection for the spot. The track, built on a sturdy foundation of organic, Americana and folk, perfectly paralleled the sentiments of the Spice Islands brand. An honest and emotive recurring melody in the song amplified the messaging of the commercial.

The Result

A Successful Holiday Campaign

Cramer-Krasselt’s trust in Music Dealers opened the doorway to an outstanding national campaign. Both brand and agency showed great faith in our capabilities, entrusting Music Dealers to find authentic music to sonically communicate the Spice Islands ethos. The brand ran the advertisement on Bravo, TLC, Oxygen, and the Food Network during one of the most critical times of the year for the food industry—the holiday season.

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