”Best Value Wireless"

December 2, 2014
”Best Value Wireless"

Sprint celebrates the unparalleled affordability of its newest phone plans in the spot, “Best Value in Wireless”, which captures numerous moments of ecstasy in this high-energy montage. To complement the intensity of the video and to match the excitement of the brand’s proclamation, Music Dealers artist The Bolts narrates “Best Value in Wireless” with their song, “Wait ‘Til We’re Young”. An infectious track with lively instrumentals, the pop-rock band pumps its anthem behind the commercial’s narrator and drives home each statement with an explosive crack of a snare drum.





Jessie LaBelle, Creative Director


The Bolts

Wait 'til We're Young

The Challenge

Fun and Informative

Sprint’s “Best Value Wireless” was designed to both excite and enlighten viewers through its montage of euphoric scenes and informative narration. Therefore, it needed music that would amplify the elation, yet facilitate the communication of data. F&P, the brand agency behind Sprint’s latest marketing efforts, browsed the Music Dealers library of thousands of independent artists to discover a song that best fit the spot.

The Solution

Music Supervision

After perusing the MD library, through which members can search using intuitive keywords such as themes, genres and instruments, F&P selected a couple of songs to sample for the spot. Representing the agency capabilities of Music Dealers, Creative Director Jessie LaBelle curated a playlist of songs that her trained ear determined would fit the commercial. From that list, F&P opted for “Wait ‘Til We’re Young” by The Bolts.

The Result

Enduring Engagement

“So I’m at an airport bar last night (don’t ask),” wrote Music Dealers Account Executive Tarjas White during an email. “And ‘Best Value Wireless’ comes on during the game. Then, this girl pulls out her phone and Shazaams it to find the song.” Tarjas’ experience represents the greater goal of Music Dealers: leveraging music to increase a brand’s engagement with consumers. “Wait ‘Til We’re Young” did just that for Sprint.

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