"Block Party Slip n' Slide"

June 17, 2014
Bud Light Lime "Block Party Slip n' Slide"

In "Block Party Slip N' Slide," Bud Light Lime featured "Let's Go" by Music Dealers artist, Bean, whose cheerful vocals match the joy of the video's characters. The ad depicts a city block of residents enjoying the summer heat, each others' company and a truckload of cold Bud Light Lime. "Let's Go" highlights the power of good company and manifests the spontaneity inherent in Bud Light Lime's brand message: "the perfect beer for whatever happens." As the anthem for Bud Light Lime's summer spot, Bean has proven that "Let's Go" is similarly "the perfect song for whatever happens."





Rob Lindquist, Creative Director



Let's Go

The Challenge

A New Spin on Summer

As summer of 2014 approached, Bud Light Lime sought the perfect song to represent its summer campaign. A year earlier, Bud Light Lime aired the same commercial but featured different music over the video: "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince. The new song would replace "Summertime" as the brand's summer anthem for 2014 and become the new soundtrack for Bud Light Lime’s "Block Party Slip N' Slide" commercial.

The Solution

The Great Unsigned

Noelle Bean, a Texas-born and Tennessee-raised musician, produces tracks that blend soulful, American-roots influences with contemporary pop vocals, resulting in a unique sound that earned Bean numerous placements through Music Dealers. Recognizing the power of Bean's style, Music Dealers paired her song "Let's Go" with the summer-loving commercial "Block Party Slip N' Slide," expecting to generate as much or more success than Bud Light Lime's previous version of the spot.

The Result

New Anthem for Summer

With Bean's "Let's Go,” the emotion instantly changed, the vibe shifted, and the target demographic expanded - all due to a clever swap of songs. Additionally, the YouTube page for the new "Block Party Slip N' Slide" generated over 20 million views, surpassing the previous version by several hundred thousand. Bean, meanwhile, earned new revenue for her work and proudly shared the experience with Bud Light Lime on her website.

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