Brain Beats

May 18, 2015
“Brain Beats”

Marbles The Brain Store opened up its first doors in Chicago in 2008, and have since expanded across the country to build better brains with its expert-tested products. When the startup considered using the stimulating power of music as a brain-builder, Marbles turned to Music Dealers with the desire to create an album of custom, educational songs. After a year of success, Marbles and Music Dealers released another album to appease consumer demand. Brain Beats Volume 1 and Brain Beats Volume 2 are chock full of original tunes that will surely beef up your brainpower, and keep your toes tapping to the catchy beats, too.




Tim Lincoln, Music Dealers Creative Director


Renald Francoeur

Tour The States

The Challenge

Educational, Yet Enjoyable

For both projects, Marbles wanted the albums to cover specific topics, such as state capitals and names of presidents. The goal was to create songs that people would genuinely enjoy listening to, but from which they would also learn. So, Music Dealers crafted creative briefs for each song and crowdsourced its artist community for the best versions.

The Solution

Custom Music

The Music Dealers and Marbles teams worked closely together to nail down the list of artists and songs for Brain Beats. Next, Music Dealers collaborated with the artists throughout the rounds of edits until the best versions of the songs were crafted. Each album is an exclusive compilation of multiple Music Dealers artists: Volume One features 13 songs from five artists and Volume Two features 13 songs from six artists.

The Result

Sellable Songs

Both Volume One and Volume Two were received with excited acclaim by parents, students, and teachers alike. Both albums are available for purchase on Marbles’ website, as well as on iTunes. So popular were some of the songs, official music videos were released for “Tour the States” Vol. 1 and “Tour the World” Vol. 2., both by MD artist Renald Francoeur. “Tour the States” has since been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube, and “Tour the World” has over 1 million views.

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