“Celebrate With A Bite”

January 26, 2014
McDonald's “Celebrate With A Bite”

Following a Sonic Identity Workshop with McDonald’s and DDB, in which Music Dealers helped McDonald's craft a musical style guide and determine how to better apply music in future projects, the three entities - McDonalds, DDB and Music Dealers - collaborated for the brand’s 2014 Olympics spot, “Celebrate with a Bite.” The video features footage from past Olympic games, amassing to a kaleidoscopic film ripe with nostalgia and pride. To guarantee the right emotional response, Music Dealers pitched “Odyssey” by The Wyld, stunning the client with the strong compatibility of this selection.





Jessie LaBelle, Creative Director


The Challenge

Music in Demand

In order to build a stronger connection with its audience of highly musically-oriented consumers, McDonald’s, official sponsor of the Olympics, decided to incorporate music more in its campaign for the 2014 games than in previous tournaments. For the brand’s spearhead commercial of the event, “Celebrate with a Bite,” McDonald’s sought a song that worked with the video to incur a genuine emotional response from viewers and to generate enthusiasm for the games.

The Solution

Music Dealers Muscle

Initially, DDB creatives searched “Beautiful Piano” in the Music Dealers Discovery Tool and selected a delicate, sentimental piano piece for the spot; before the deal could be finalized, however, Music Dealers Creative Director Jessie LaBelle suggested “Odyssey” by The Wyld, a song with a deep timbre and a driving, dynamic beat. Jessie pulled the vocals from the track and synced the instrumentals with the video, creating a memorable masterpiece.

The Result

Indie Power

By complementing the nostalgia of the “Celebrate with a Bite” spot with The Wyld’s momentous rhythm of “Odyssey,” Music Dealers elevated the emotional impact of the McDonald’s campaign through the unexpected energy that effused from the commercial. The whole campaign for McDonald’s evolved through the spot, directly because of the brand’s leveraging of new, independent music to cultivate a unique sound that genuinely connected with viewers.

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