“Creciendo Juntos”

March 22, 2016
“Creciendo Juntos”

The leading provider of fruit juices and beverages in Mexico, Jugo del Valle’s marketing is known for endearing stories that promote modern family values, with a special knack for nailing a tone of innocence that matches the personality of its biggest consumer base — kids. In “Creciendo Juntos,” the brand continues that strategy with the story of the Martinez family, narrated sweetly by the youngest hijo of the bunch. The kindness inherent in his tale is guided by the melodies of Scott Fritz of Stranded on a Planet, who composed a custom score specifically for the spot. With upbeat drums and a pop-driven guitar riff, the song guides the story of the Martinezes perfectly from one family member to the next.




Tim Lincoln, Director Of Creative Music Dealers

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