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July 15, 2014
Original Six Media Group "Demo Reel"

Video production firm Original Six Media commissioned the services of Music Dealers to find the perfect song for their demo reel, ultimately selecting “The Quick and the Dead” by Music Dealers artist Rudebrat. Founded in 2013 by six Chicago creatives, Original Six Media is a video production company that specializes in long-form advertising and narrative cinematography. Original Six Media showcases their myriad talents in their “Showreel 2014,” a series of emotional scenes whose impact is heightened by the musical pairing.




Original Six Media



The Quick And The Dead

The Challenge

The Right Song for the Right Price

Original Six alerted Music Dealers that they were working on their demo reel, which would recap their projects in the year since the company’s founding, and that they were searching for a specific, high-energy sound that would complement the passion of the scenes in the reel. The company’s budget was very tight, however, and Music Dealers worked diligently to ensure that they remained within budget.

The Solution

The Handy-Dandy Music Dealers Search Platform

Original Six Media sought a song that could both sync with the many scenes of their “Showreel 2014” and heighten the emotions of the film through an energetic, engaging beat. Using Music Dealers’ intuitive search tool, in which clients can filter by hundreds of tags such as genre and mood, Original Six Media discovered the perfect song for their project: “The Quick and the Dead” by Music Dealers artist Rudebrat.

The Result

Match Made in Music Dealers Heaven

Rudebrat’s sound is an energetic blend of several EDM genres. Paired with the company’s “Showreel 2014,” Rudebrat’s “The Quick and the Dead” communicates the media company’s passion for emotional cinematography and engaging productions. The heavy drum and bass rhythm guides the viewer through the poignant scenes of the reel, which are tied together harmoniously by Rudebrat’s synth melody that runs in the song’s foreground.

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