“Discover What You Love”

August 19, 2015
“Discover What You Love”

Mary Kay prides itself on its personalized services, including customized recommendations and a friendly buying experience. “Discover What You Love” encourages women to not only explore Mary Kay’s products, but also their own passions. In this web video, the cosmetics company lists the things it loves -- from flawless faces to celebrating you, the customer.





Ditore Mayo Entertainment


The Challenge

Finding the Perfect Sync

We needed to find Mary Kay a song that would echo the fun, youthful vibe of its “Discover What You Love” video. The song had to be unique, in order to match the company’s celebration of individual beauty. It also had to complement the style of the video, which includes slow-motion clips as well as fast jump cuts.

The Solution

Indie Artist

Pascale Salkin is an indie singer/songwriter from Belgium. When she moved to Paris, her sound evolved and became a compelling blend of various influences. Salkin’s song “Believe” was the perfect choice for Mary Kay’s “Discover What You Love” video -- its bright, cheerful handclaps and lilting vocals create an optimistic sound, while the instrumentation grows into a complex, vibrant landscape as the track progresses.

The Result

Strong Sonic Identity

“Believe” mirrors and extends the emotional impact of Mary Kay’s “Discover What You Love” video. Although it is part of a specific campaign, the video is still a reflection of the company’s overall values. “Believe” helped Mary Kay maintain that strong sense of brand identity by providing a sonic component that is consistent with their image. “Discover What You Love” was shared over 150 times and raised Mary Kay UK’s YouTube subscriber count by almost 3%.

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