"Fair Play Machines"

May 1, 2014

In May 2014, Coca-Cola brought its Share The Good campaign to the soccer arena in its “Fair Play Machines” spot, using the song “Further On” by former Music Dealers artist Bronze Radio Return to match the good-natured tone of the video. The intensity of the relationship between the two teams is communicated through the opening song; however, at the video’s climactic meeting between un Interista and un Milanista, the joyful song “Further On” alleviates the tension between the enemies like only sharing a Coke could.




Tim Lincoln, Creative Director


The Challenge

Creating The Right Contrast With Music

Coca-Cola and McCann Worldgroup Milan needed a joyful tune to pair with the bliss of the rival fans as they share a Coke with each other. The video celebrates sportsmanship and encourages viewers to share what makes them happy – as purported by the Coke campaign, Share The Good. Coke wanted a song to represent this campaign and to aurally personify the sentiments exchanged by the fans in the video.

The Solution

Discovering A Sound To Suit The Brand & The Spot

With the client’s goals in mind, Music Dealers searched for the perfect sound to pair with Coke’s “Share The Good” campaign. Having worked with Bronze Radio Return several times before, Music Dealers was familiar with the band’s characteristic heartwarming sound. Music Dealers, Coke and McCann eventually selected “Further On” for the spot, a song that embodies the aims of the brand by merging encouraging vocals with upbeat instrumentals.

The Result

Resonating With The Public To The Tune of 700,000 Views

The “Fair Play Machines” spot aired in Italy as the May 2014 derby between two teams approached, generating a buzz over social media sites as the uplifting chorus of Bronze Radio Return’s “Further On” resonated throughout the country. The video, published on YouTube in Italian on May 2 and in English on May 7, has since earned over 700,000 views between the two pages, as of August 2014.

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