Finding Carter “Season Two Trailer”

April 15, 2015
Finding Carter “Season Two Trailer”

The second season of MTV’s teen drama Finding Carter returned in March 2015 with a suspenseful premiere. To build anticipation for the show, MTV released this “Season Two Trailer” that is rife with cliffhangers and shock. “Step Into The Light” by U.K.-based indie band Love For Zero plays in the background and supports the high emotions of the spot.




Jessie LaBelle, Creative Director


Love For Zero

Step Into The Light

The Challenge

Finding the Right Song

For Finding Carter’s “Season Two Trailer,” MTV was looking for an adrenaline-fueled cue that fit in with the show’s tone. They were looking for a dramatic track to hammer home the new season’s excitement and to gear viewers up for the premiere.

The Solution

Music Supervision + Blanket Subscription

Music Dealers Creative Director Jessie LaBelle searched the catalogue to find the perfect song for the spot. “Step Into The Light” is an evocative track that features dynamic instrumentals and emotional lyrics. It heightens the intensity of the trailer and increases viewer engagement, so much so that fans flocked to social media to scour for more details on the song after the video’s release.

The Result

Trending Indie Artist

Love For Zero first released “Step Into The Light” on SoundCloud in 2014 and, according to the band’s site, planned on officially releasing the song in the summer of 2015. After viewers saw “Season Two Trailer,” they searched for the song on iTunes, Spotify and Shazam, and only discovered Love For Zero when the band tweeted lyrics to “Step Into The Light.” The band has since gone viral, according to Next Big Sound, with a median change of a whopping 731% across various social metrics in the week of Finding Carter’s premiere.

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