May 4, 2015

Dental giants Crest and Oral-B teamed together to bring the fantastical world of Frozen to children’s mouths around the country. Actress Kristen Bell stars in the spot, and she explains how the new Disney’s Frozen products for Crest and Oral-B excite her children about dental care like nothing else could. The spot is scored with two songs, “Bjorn Ready” by Andrew Oye and “It’s You” by Moth & the Flame, both of which echo the lighthearted ritual of persuading your kids to brush their teeth.







Andrew Oye

Bjorn Ready

Moth & the Flame

Its You (Instrumental)

The Challenge

Family Friendly, Sonically Stimulating

Designed to excite children and inform parents, the “Frozen” ad is a relatively long video that spans 100 seconds and is driven by Bell’s dialogue with a child. The ad needed to explain an entire campaign launch, yet retain an allure for children and parents alike. Therefore, the music needed a specific balance of tunes. It had to engage without distracting from the information, and it had to play in the background without boring the viewer.

The Solution

Online Music Search

As the web ad was fairly long, the creatives decided to sync two songs in the video. “It’s You” by Moth & the Flame is a fun, tender track that features acoustic piano and tuned percussion. Layered with hand claps and lively keyboards, “Bjorn Ready” by Andrew Oye is highlighted with an energetic mood that is almost quirky in composition. Together, the two songs perfectly complement the content of the spot.

The Result


Kristen Bell, Crest, Oral-B, and parent brand P&G all shared the “Frozen” video on their social media profiles, generating thousands of interactions in total. The accompanying social media campaign, “#2Magical Minutes,” gained traction across Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and more, including parenting blogs and personal uploads of videos that show children brushing their teeth with the same delight that’s experienced during the Crest & Oral-B “Frozen” ad.

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