“Golden Ale”

August 25, 2015
“Golden Ale”

Behind the ebony gates of St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, brewers Peter Simpson and Luis Ortega experiment with a blend of flavors to create the Guinness Golden Ale, as shown in the spot, “Introducing Guinness Golden Ale.” The story focuses on the constant innovation of the brand and its team of brewers, and the advertisement celebrates this 250+ year history of pursuing new beers. Throughout the tale of discovery and community, “Missed Opportunities” by Alex Plowright drives the narrative with its pensive sound that builds into a fuller orchestration.





Quaker City Mercantile / Whitehouse Post


Alex Plowright

Missed Opportunities

The Challenge

A Song to Tell a Story

“Introducing Guinness Golden Ale” does more than just introduce a new beer to the world. Every new beer launched by Diageo, the parent brand of Guinness, begins its life in the microbrewery in St. James’s Gate. Therefore, the spot would tell multiple stories in just thirty seconds. To do this, the music of the advert would have to support the story of Peter and Luis’s discovery of the Golden Ale, as well as immerse viewers into the historical legacy of the Guinness brand.

The Solution

Online Music Search

Quaker City Mercantile, Whitehouse Post, and others collaborated on the campaign to maximize its reach. Whitehouse Post editors Christine Wolf and Matt Jameson searched the Music Dealers catalog and discovered “Missed Opportunities” by Alex Plowright. A cinematic, dramatic instrumental track that charged to triplet rhythm, the song captured the inspiring, yet commemorative nature of the spot. The agency immediately reached out and licensed it for the project.

The Result

Social Shares by the Artist

Guinness has strong ties to the music community, such as their program “Guinness Amplify” that connects up-and-coming artists across Ireland with industry opportunities. Similarly, the spot “Introducing Guinness Golden Ale” provided emerging artist Alex Plowright with a platform to share his music. “Just heard my track in a Guinness commercial,” he Tweeted when the spot went live. “Here’s the advert. I tried a bottle recently, tasty stuff.” “Missed Opportunities” helped elevate the story of the spot, and the story of Guinness was shared to even more viewers through Alex Plowright’s fanbase.

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