“Healthy Americans”

January 29, 2015
“Healthy Americans”

One A Day, the multivitamin brand of Bayer Healthcare, advocates the use of nutritional support to maintain a healthy lifestyle in its spot, “Healthy Americans.” One man joins a sea of joggers, and one woman dines on salad with a table set for thousands - yet, according to the advert, most of Americans fall short of their recommended daily nutrients. Throughout the spot, “All In” by Bronze Radio Return narrates the healthy lifestyle that One A Day supports.





Energy BBDO


The Challenge

Finding the Right Song

Music can have one of several roles in an advertisement - for this spot, the song would have to echo the themes of One A Day’s campaign without distracting from the voice-over copy. “Healthy Americans” asserts that, despite our best efforts to live well, most of us require nutritional supplements to maintain healthy lifestyles. The song, therefore, would have to evoke positivity and determination to match the spot.

The Solution

Music Search Platform

Energy BBDO, the leading creative agency for One A Day, accessed the Music Dealers online catalog to discover the best song for this spot. The agency searched the catalog, which is organized by intuitive search filters, and found “All In” by Bronze Radio Return. The indie-folk/ alt-country band is one of Music Dealers’ “Headliners” – members of its artist community who have achieved popular success that’s comparable to their major-label counterparts.

The Result

On-Brand Sync

A powerful anthem packed with foot-stomps and hand-claps, the song created an Americana tone for “Healthy Americans” through auxiliary percussion and banjo. Tagged as “Earthy/ Organic” and “Confident/ Determined” in the moods filter of Music Dealers’ online catalog, the song perfectly fit the brand’s image of healthy living.

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