August 10, 2015

The Leitz “Icon” is an intelligent, quick, versatile machine that prints labels and barcodes. Its rollout was showcased in a series of online videos, including one where the label maker travels around an office to show off its superb functionality and range of applications. What song would best represent this impressive machine?




Jessie LaBelle, Music Dealers Senior Creative Director


The Challenge

Finding Songs for Multiple Spots

Leitz debuted their new smart labeling system, “Icon,” in a series of web spots. Though each ad tells the story of the “Icon” differently, syncing the same song in each spot would create a consistent sonic identity for the breakthrough product and establish a sense of familiarity between the brand and consumers. Leitz first needed to find the right song -- and the right version of that tune -- to pair with its product.

The Solution

Repurposing a Song

Pascale Salkin’s song “Believe” includes handclaps and various sound effects that are actually reminiscent of the sounds of Letiz’s labeling machine. We worked to repurpose Salkin’s track and created several different versions with varying levels of instrumentation and vocals. Each unique version was then matched with a spot to best tell the story of each ad.

The Result

Tailored to Perfection

The altered versions of “Believe” gave Leitz’s campaign a diverse sound, while still providing a commonality for brand consistency. The song represents the sound of the “Icon” system, while its different versions represent the multitude of uses for the label maker. Viewers enjoyed the pairing just as much as we did -- Pascale Salkin’s YouTube video views nearly quadrupled after the Leitz campaign aired.

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