"Just For The Taste Of It"

May 13, 2014
Diet Coke "Just For The Taste Of It"

Diet Coke wanted an updated, modern adaptation of the old Diet Coke jingle, “Just for the Taste of It”, originally recorded by dozens of artists in the 1980s and 1990s and made famous by Elton John, Whitney Houston, and others. Eight Music Dealers bands submitted demos of original songs inspired by the original jingle. With our creative team and Coke, we narrowed it down to an incredible version by Music Dealers artists Garen Gueyikian of Kill The Alarm and producer, Kyle Kelso.

Music Dealers obviously was very important in getting us this placement… It’s one of those big ads that you don’t think will go… When we finally heard from the Music Dealers guys and they let us know that we were chosen for the Diet Coke song. It was pretty exciting, and it’s still pretty exciting.
Garen Gueyikian
Kill The Alarm




Tim Lincoln, Creative Director Music Dealers


Kill The Alarm

Just For The Taste Of It [Custom]

The Challenge

Revitalizing A Classic

Diet Coke's US creative team was inspired by the “Just for the Taste of It” jingle and wanted a more modern version of it, but they didn’t know what they were going to use it for. They knew they wanted this song to be the newest phase of Diet Coke and make a statement, and they needed enough rights flexibility to use the song outside of the production of the commercial.

The Solution

Custom Music Services

Music Dealers knew that creating a song from scratch that the brand would own perpetually was the way to go. Music Dealers worked with the Diet Coke's creative team to put together the music brief, which was then sent to nearly a dozen artists who wrote songs inspired by the original jingle. Music Dealers then worked with the artists and Diet Coke to produce the song, developing the record over several months to its polished state.

The Result

New Life Beyond The Original License

The song turned out so well that the Diet Coke team decided to use it in four radio ads, digital and television. Whereas these would usually be separate licensing costs, because Diet Coke wisely leveraged our services to purchase the song, they have the freedom to use "Just for the Taste Of It" in all of these activations and any more they'll need in the future, all for the one set price.

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