“Kiss Happiness”

June 15, 2015
"Kiss Happiness"

Coca-Cola’s famous glass contour bottle - in essence the perfect way to enjoy a Coca-Cola - celebrates its 100th birthday this year. This unique soft drink packaging has built a very personal relationship with the consumer. A kiss. To celebrate this relationship Coca-Cola developed the “Kiss Happiness” campaign, which shows how a kiss can make people happier.

The primary television ad for the program features the song “First Time,” the chart-topping single originally performed by Robin Beck in 1988, which is still a massive hit in some parts of the world and alludes to the company’s rich musical history. To revamp the '80s anthem, Music Dealers worked with California-born singer/songwriter Gedina to re-record the song for “Kiss Happiness”, introducing the '80s classic to a new generation.

All I've ever wanted was to make music that touched the hearts of people all over the globe and it's happening. I'm living my dreams and I have Drew Kapner of Angelhouse Studios, Music Dealers, and most importantly Coca-Cola for making it happen.




Tim Lincoln, Music Dealers Creative Director



First Time, First Love (Cover)

The Challenge

Reviving A Classic

Though “First Time” is often remembered as Beck’s first notable single, Coca-Cola owns the usage rights to the song, meaning they were free to re-record the song for the Contour campaign. As the administrators of all music rights for Coca-Cola and the brand’s global music partner, it was up to Music Dealers to ensure the clearance of “First Time” and discover an artist who could create a new version that would resonate with teens across the globe.

The Solution

Crowsourced Custom To The Rescue

Music Dealers account director Sam Parvin and creative director Tim Lincoln set to work to complement the campaign with the best music strategy. Tim created a brief, crowdsourced select artists from the Music Dealers community, and worked with them throughout the endeavor to elicit the best iteration of the Coca-Cola classic tune. After reviewing the submissions, the team chose Gedina’s “First Time, First Love” as the standout choice. 

The Result

International Success

“Kiss Happiness” aired across parts of Latin America, Western Europe, and Central and Southern Europe in spring 2015 and, as of April, its momentum is only growing. Across YouTube and Facebook, the comments rave about the song choice. Shortly after going to air, Gedina and Coca-Cola commercially released a full version of the "First Time, First Love" on iTunes, Spotify, and other major outlets, where it’s gained nearly 130,000 views in only four weeks. In March, the spot topped the UK’s list of most Shazamed ads. In response to the continuing popularity of the song, Gedina and Coke will be releasing two additional music videos in summer 2015.

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