"Light of the Yucatan"

February 6, 2014
Panasonic LUMIX GH4 "Light of the Yucatan"

Showcasing the capabilities of its Lumix GH4 camera in “Light of the Yucatan,” Panasonic approached Music Dealers to discover a song that would complement the spot’s powerful visuals. Capturing the vibrant color palette of the Mexican landscape, “Light of the Yucatan” highlights the resonating beauty of the region, a project for which "Yamasong (Campagna Remix)" by Music Dealers artist On Ensemble matched perfectly. The ominous throat song that opens the video echoes the history of Chichen Itza, illustrating the perfect sync between song and film.






On Ensemble

Yamasong (Campagna Remix)

The Challenge

Finding the Music of the Mayans

For its “Light of the Yucatan” spot, Panasonic hired award-winning video producer Bryan Harvey to create a commercial using the Lumix GH4 that demonstrated the abilities of the small form factor camera. To pair with Harvey’s film, Panasonic required a song that could communicate the powerful scenes of the Yucatan and personify the intensity of the region’s enduring culture.

The Solution

Easiest Way of Music Discovery

To find the perfect song, Panasonic employed the site’s Music Dealers Discovery Tool, where users browse Music Dealers’ catalog of songs and artists by a variety of filters, and searched by a clever combination of terms to find “Yamasong” by On Ensemble: - Genre: World Beat, Cinematic, Film/TV/Stage, Experimental Electronic, World - Mood: Trip Hop/Downtempo, Laidback/Mellow, Relaxed, Earthy, Ominous, Dark - Instruments: Electronic Drums, Synthesizer, Electronic Guitar, World Percussion

The Result

Synced As If By Fate

“Yamasong” by On Ensemble, a taiko group that blends the resonant rhythms of Japanese drumming with elements of hip-hop, rock and electronica, pairs seamlessly with the tone of the “Light of the Yucatan” spot. The song’s earthly percussion infuses a primordial depth into the video, magnifying the power of the Mayan temples and the Mexican cenotes that are highlighted in the video.

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