“Matte Effect”

July 8, 2015
“Matte Effect”

AXE is known for helping men look, smell, and feel their best. Their “Matte Effect” line of hair products is geared towards the easygoing, understated guy who needs a lot of style in a short amount of time. In celebration of these men, AXE created the “Matte Effect” campaign. They chose Lizzie and the Yes Men’s song “The Broadwalk” for their online spot, capturing the true essence of the “Matte Effect” man.





Tim Lincoln, Director of Creative


The Challenge

Finding the Right Song

The AXE “Matte Effect” user is a new kind of man. He stands apart without trying to stand out; he shows up but doesn’t show off. He’s that guy at the party everyone wants to talk to, even though he just walked in and hasn’t said a word. AXE needed a song that would epitomize the mentality of this man -- laid back, yet fun; confident, not cocky. If the life of a “Matte Effect” man had a soundtrack, what would it be?

The Solution

Sync Licensing

Music Dealers worked with AXE to find the perfect music for their online spot. They landed on indie-rock group Lizzie and the Yes Men’s “The Broadwalk,” an upbeat, carefree, surf-inspired track that embodies the “Matte Effect” mantra -- less effort, more style. It’s exactly the song you’d expect to hear in the background of a “Matte Effect” man’s typical weekend.

The Result

Front Page Fame

The sync was so successful that AXE chose to feature it on the main webpage for the “Matte Effect” product line. The video begins playing automatically and “The Broadwalk” pulls viewers into the attractive life of the “Matte Effect” man. In addition, “The Broadwalk” is Lizzie and the Yes Men’s number one song on Spotify.

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