“Meeting the Family with Confidence”

February 10, 2015
“Meeting the Family with Confidence”

Confidence was the highlight of Famous Footwear’s 2014 holiday campaign, which included two thirty-second national spots. In “Meeting the Family with Confidence,” the brand chronicles the first meeting between a woman and her future mother-in-law. As she approaches the front door, “Soon Come Now” by Kaye Fox echoes the woman’s confident stride. Bold and soulful, the drums and piano of this R&B instrumental track help communicate the spot’s message.

[I] produced the beat along with Emmaculate for this Famous Footwear holiday commercial! Thanks Music Dealers for the placement!
Kaye Fox







Kaye Fox

Soon Come Now

The Challenge

Finding the Right Song

According to Famous Footwear’s blog, the mission of the brand’s holiday campaign was to celebrate confidence, and its ad demonstrates how the perfect pair of shoes can help give you the extra pep in your step for worrying events like meeting your in-laws. In order to heighten that idea, this spot required a powerful song that expressed brazen confidence without distracting from the voice-over's message.

The Solution

Online Catalog Search

Beast Editorial (Chicago) accessed the Music Dealers online catalog to discover the best song for this spot and presented their choice to Y&R Midwest, Famous Footwear’s lead agency. Beast searched the catalog, which is organized by intuitive search filters, and found “Soon Come Now” by Kaye Fox. A Chicago-based singer/songwriter/producer, Fox has vocal credits on several top U.S. releases, including four songs from Big Sean’s album, Finally Famous.

The Result

A Confident Sync

Powerfully introspective, the song helped tell the story of “Meeting the Family with Confidence” with its swinging rhythm and bold instrumentals. Tagged as “Strength” and “Overcoming Obstacles” in the vocal theme filter of Music Dealers’ online catalog, the song perfectly fit the brand’s message. Additionally, throughout the three-month term of the license, Fox shared the video from Famous Footwear’s YouTube page via her social media profiles to followers and fans.

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