“Music and Storytelling”

September 17, 2015
“Music and Storytelling”

The popular video editing app Magisto achieves what few others have even attempted – empowering users to become music supervisors of their own films. Magisto offers hundreds of songs from which users can choose and easily pair with their custom videos. This feature not only gives people great music to pair with their stories; it also encourages them to look at music from a whole different creative lens. Consumer storytelling has never been so musical.




Jessie LaBelle, Music Dealers Creative Director



My Life Sings

The Challenge

Music That Emotes

Launched in 2009 with the simple mission of making it easy for anyone – regardless of their editing expertise -- to create engaging videos, Magisto has quickly become to the Millennial generation what the VHS home video was to Generation X. Experts in storytelling, the team at Magisto understood what too few in the tech industry do – evocative stories require evocative music. So, they sought ways to provide its growing community with the premier music experience that every filmmaker wants.

The Solution

Blanket Music Licensing

With a diverse catalog of music by the world’s best emerging artists, Music Dealers was eager to partner with the popular app, Magisto. Our teams collaborated and crafted a blanket agreement that permitted Magisto to license hundreds of indie songs for users to sync to their movies. Our creative team discussed the app’s needs, reviewed the catalog, and helped supervise the first wave of music curation. Afterwards, we instructed their team on using our music search tool so they could add new music to the theme at their convenience. Because our music is also cataloged into browseable themes, the process was a perfect solution to Magisto’s music needs.

The Result

Consumer Becomes Music Supervisor

Divided into various themed playlists like “Birthday,” “Love,” and “Travel,” the music is one of the driving factors in the Magisto experience. The song users choose sets the pace of their videos, as Magisto changes the editing style of the clip according to the soundtrack; i.e., videos with fast-paced songs will be edited to a faster pace. Further, our Creative Director will soon begin choosing a few artists each month to highlight and promote their songs within the Magisto community. “Song usage and placement within video evokes emotion and creates an ambiance for the audience that would not occur simply with film and dialogue alone,” wrote Sheryl Witlen, Creative Strategist at Magisto in a recent LinkedIn article, a sentiment both we and Magisto’s community of 70 million+ happy users wholeheartedly agree with.

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