“My Team, My Colors”

May 3, 2016
“My Team, My Colors”

For baseball fans, team colors run as deep as blood. That passion literally bursts to life in Majestic Athletic’s ad, “My Team, My Colors,” as audiences explore the very fibers of a jersey to discover the root of team loyalty. The pop hip-hop track, “Break Free” by Aynzil Jones, soundtracks the beautifully illustrated spot, highlighting the fiery commitment that the world of baseball holds for its team colors.




Jessie LaBelle, Music Dealers Senior Creative Director


Aynzli Jones

Break Free

The Challenge

Soundtracking a Dynamic Ad

The official uniform supplier of Major League Baseball, Majestic Athletic created “My Team, My Colors” as an integrated marketing campaign that included the hashtag #MyColors, television commercials, and a full-length version of the spot. Sporting their team colors, animated renderings of MLB players race the field ablaze with colored smoke. Rampant with energy, void of voiceover, the spot needed a powerful song to drive the story of the spot and the passion of the players.

The Solution

Sourcing a Powerful Song

Powerful and anthemic, “Break Free” captures the determination of MLB allstars with its punchy melody and bold vocals. According to Aynzli, “‘Break Free’ is an inspiring track about breaking from the norm and embracing what lies ahead.” Music Dealers tag-team Brandon Smith and Jessie LaBelle directed the client to the Jamaica-based artist, whose songs have been featured in films and advertisements across the world.

The Result

Tapping the Millennial Market

According to Sports Business Daily, the “MyTeam, My Colors” campaign is the brand’s “most aggressive marketing campaign in years.” In an effort to build stronger ties to young consumers, Majestic Athletic promoted their consumer-facing jerseys to the wide audience of baseball fans around the country. With the help of Aynzli Jones’ “Break Free,” this animated ad is catching buzz across the web with the launch of Opening Day.

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