Never TOO Timeless

July 20, 2015
Never TOO Timeless

The captivating “Never TOO Timeless” spot from Kohler guides viewers on a glitzy jaunt through the bathrooms of the Victorian era, to the Art Deco days, to the iconic ‘50s, and finally to contemporary times. Set to the jazzy beat of “Black Magic Boy” by Fran Hall, the campaign celebrates the specialist, design roots of the brand with this artistic ad.

Music Dealers was brought in to search for an existing track from an indie band that would marry well with the edit. MD sent us many, including “Black Magic Boy” by Fran Hall, which had both a vintage and modern sound and married extremely well with the visual story of traveling through time.
Jean Batthany, ECD EVP, DDB Chicago





Jessie LaBelle, Music Dealers Creative Director

The Challenge

The Spirit of the Brand

The client considered a few different music strategies to land the perfect sync, including licensing a known song by a popular artist, scoring an original track to the final cut, and discovering an existing song from an indie artist. According to Jean Batthany, ECD EVP at DDB Chicago, Kohler wanted to partner with up-and-coming artists to embody the spirit of the “Never TOO” platform and the brand.

The Solution

Rights Clearance

Music Dealers submitted a playlist of songs that expressed the campaign’s spirit of living beyond the normal, including “Black Magic Boy” by Fran Hall. When the client loved it, Music Dealers Director of Label & Publisher Relations, Bridget Podermo, worked with the label and cleared the rights. The song, Jean said, “had both a vintage and modern sound and married extremely well with the [ad’s] visual story of traveling through time.”

The Result

Viral Web Hit

The spot earned 2.5+million views on YouTube since its March release, culminating in two years of viewership in only three months. The song was released on iTunes and Spotify in March, where it has since earned 4,000+ plays. Further, Fran Hall was asked to speak at ASCAP’s 10th annual “I Create Music” expo in May because of her successful songwriting career and her experience with projects like “Never TOO Timeless.”

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