"Nurse Jackie Season 6 Teaser"

March 20, 2014
Showtime "Nurse Jackie Season 6 Teaser"

Music Dealers had been looking for the opportunity create a relationship with media behemoth, Showtime. Finally gaining the chance to “Show” them our capabilities, we were provided a mock brief, to which Music Dealers Creative Jessie LaBelle cut five song options for their test video. Showtime raved; Jessie’s musical direction was right in tune with their brand. Ready to premiere Season 6 of their Emmy award winning series, "Nurse Jackie," Showtime sought the perfect track to pair with their teaser promo and drive viewers back to the show.




Jessie LaBelle, Creative Director


The Cubical


The Challenge

Sourcing The Right Song

Tapping into the true nature of the show, the promo featured a lock-down shot of smiling Jackie in a drugged-induced haze, besieged by the chaotic soundbites and clamor of her surroundings. Showtime expressed that a home-running music cue would juxtapose gloom and hope, through tone of the song and lyrics, the way Jackie juxtaposes the hope/serenity under the influence with the depressing chaos reality of her life.

The Solution

Music Supervision Services

With this direction, Jessie searched the MusicDealers.com catalog, landing on a lo-fi, melancholy piece that did just that. “All Is Well,” by British classic rockers, The Cubical, provided a sarcastic and rootsy "all is not lost" undertone, with a dreamy, laid back arrangement.

  • Genre: Indie Rock, Folk Rock
  • Mood: Emotional, Dramatic, Nostalgiac/Reflective, Introspective, Dark
  • Instruments: Piano, Guitar/Stringed, Acoustic Guitar

The Result

Capturing a Visual Message With Music

Showtime was highly pleased with the resulting promo work, and has already expressed interest in working with Music Dealers on more projects. They described the selection as "perfect" match for their direction. On YouTube, the teaser has already received over 7,000 views since it was published on March 21st 2014. The Teaser will broadcast "prime time" on Showtime Network for several weeks prior to the new season starting on April 13th.

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