“Nurse Jackie Season 7 Trailer”

April 6, 2015
“Nurse Jackie Season 7 Trailer”

In the season seven trailer for Showtime’s darkly satirical com-dram, “Nurse Jackie,” viewers are reminded of the winding path of addiction that the show’s main character, Jackie, struggled through over the series. The throwback-soul/ R&B song, “Trouble Me” by the Iowan seven-piece band, The Diplomats of Solid Sound, plays in the background.






The Challenge

Marketing With Music

Renowned for its consistent creation of evocative content, the show was once again in need of a powerful piece of music to excite viewers for the upcoming season.

The Solution

Online Search

The music team for “Nurse Jackie” turned to Music Dealers for the show’s season six trailer in 2014, featuring a sedentary shot dramatized by the music placement. This year, looking for a bit more energy, Showtime’s music team utilized Music Dealers’ music search platform, eventually discovering The Diplomats of Solid Sound.

The Result

A Trailer With Soul

Listed as “Dramatic” and “Serious” in the “moods” tag in the catalog, “Trouble Me” syncs perfectly with the trailer. The lyrics are ironic, the female vocals are sultry, and the instrumentals are full of brassy sax. An instrumental version was first synced with an opening section in the trailer, and then reiterated with the full vocal version towards the close.

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