“Rich in Faith”

March 15, 2016
“Rich in Faith”

Oxygen’s newest religious hit show, Rich in Faith, follows the lives of the husband-and-wife pastor duo Rich and Dawncheré Wilkerson as they galvanize young adults from their Miami church, Vous. Despite the religious theme of the show, production company Magical Elves sought to create a sonic identity for the show that reflected the A-list pastor that Rich, famous for marrying Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, has become.

To help build this personality, Music Dealers worked with Carrie Hughes, Music Director for Magical Elves, to discover hip songs by up-and-coming artists whose sound perfectly matched the wholesome/badass personality of Rich in Faith, including “Rotten Apple” by 7th Emp, “Ready to Fly”by Matthew Tishler, and “Sky Blue Diamonds” by JDP.




Jessie LaBelle, Music Dealers Senior Creative Director


7th Emp

Rotten Apple

Matthew Tishler

Ready To Fly


Sky Blue Diamonds

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